All You Need Today

All You Need Today


How to Wear Shoes

How to Wear Shoes
THINK  BALANCE: As women we adore shoes. When feeling down, purchasing a pair instantly lifts the mood and feeling great makes you want to take a trip to your favourite shoe store. On special occasions, something special to wear is a must.

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Dresses for Work

Dresses for Work
For those days when you just can’t face another blouse-and-pants work outfit, miss williams petites presents ever-feminine, ever-chic dresses. You can go simple with new neutral designs, or add  punch with patterns.

Flower print dress

Leaf dress

Half sleeve dress

Floral print dress

Cute Look of The Day

Cute Look of The Day
Fall in love with this red long-sleeve diamond patterned knit jumper. It will take from autumn through to winter.
Perfect colour come Christmas season. Stay Cozy, whilst brightening up the room.

More to Christmas Jumpers than Snowmen and Reindeer…

More to Christmas Jumpers than Snowmen and Reindeer…
Christmas is coming, and the stores are busy stocking their shelves with treats and temptations ready for the holiday season.Now might be the time for your thinking about your winter wardrobe, and how you can dress for the season without looking like a fully decked out Christmas tree.There really is.
Just because you are looking for jumpers close to Christmas, doesn’t mean that they need to be covered in snowmen, reindeer and old St Nick.Granted, there’s always a space in everybody’s wardrobe for a little novelty, but for now it’s time to look for a stylish, chic wardrobe wonder that can be worn all winter long.

Electric Blue Sweater

Bandage Jumper

Khaki Knit Jumper

Shoulder Embellished Sweater

Petite Red Winter Jumper

Pop of Colour Friday…

Pop of Colour Friday...
Bonjour toute le Monde, bon weekend!

Bright handbag

Luxurious Mary Janes

Floral Ruffle Dress

Simple Monday…

Simple Monday

Laced top


Cutout Platform Sandals

Bon Week-end…

Bon Week-end...

The week-end is here! another opportunity to reflect on the past week and look back at what I’ve set out to accomplished and what I’ve failed to accomplished. New week around the corner… new goals and successes. Stay motivated and edify yourselves at every opportunity.

Miss Williams Petites

In Two Minds…

In Two Minds...
I hope you all have a wonderful day today. Use your imagination, intuition, and creativity and inspiration for new things that could be filling your heart and brain. You’ll be all too happy to discuss your ideas with anyone who shows an interest.

You have to always be in two minds.Today as I was making these sets I had no idea what i wanted to put together, I just went ahead and created something anyway. My mantra is ‘just do it’! Yep even if you don’t feel like it and in two minds about something… just do something…

Sleeve dress

Hooded coat


Cocoa Skinnies

Modern Retro Trend…

Modern Retro Trend...
“Everything old is new” I love this look. It’s a trend going back in time where the  put-together, polished look flattered women, bringing out their femininity. I love watching the old Hollywood movies when women showcase styles that enhanced their figures without showing too much flesh!

I am… More…

I am...
Today, be whatever you want to be. Today is the day you makeup your mind to love yourself more, achieve more, succeed more, smile more, give compliments more, show your loved ones you love and appreciate them more, be a better employee, study more, respect yourself more, respect others more. After all, as a women you have to be more of everything! :))

Sleeve dress

Wool coat

Flat shoes

Bright colored handbag

Responsive Responsibility….

Responsive Responsibility....

Today I feel like I’ve taken on so much responsibilities with doing my degree, working full-time and running an online business. It is a lot of work and there are days when I’m running on fumes! But I have my son depending on me for love and support with his world. And I give him that…. No matter how tired I am. I knew that taking on a degree would be hard work. And this hard work will pay off in the end. All of my spare time goes to learning…learning…learning… How do I merge my studies with some fun! Je suis trés fatigué. I have not time for fun…

Time for Change…

Time for Change...

This weekend marks the official end of Summer. The clock goes back 1 hour, but do we gain an hour? Time change… but will we still continue to feel like we don’t have any time to do the everyday things. I feel like I can use 5 more hours in the day!

It also makes the day my son turning 10 years old. How ‘times flies’. I can’t believe it… he’s such a superstar kid. I’m very proud of him.

The clock changes, but time waits for no one…

Tuesday Blues…

Tuesday Blues...

The days are getting shorter and shorter. Winter is approaching in what it seems as lightening speed! Morning arrives but without the sunshine glow that summer gave it.

This very morning I wanted summer back, but wait, awesome autumn is in play. The trees will bring beautiful yellows, green, orange, browns, reds and purple. The crisp air and most importantly my son’s 10th birthday. And for those who celebrate it, (kids?) Halloween…

Have a happy day and look a the positives xx

Passing The Test…

Passing The Test

Last week I had my driving test and wasn’t sure whether to feel excited or scared. I guess it’s a mixture of the two. What is it about tests that make you feel insecure about your abilities. I’ve spent approximately 35 hours  in the car. No extra or private lessons.

I remember when I was fourteen years old my father started teaching me to drive and at one point I lost control of the car and went into a ditch. I was so scared I never wanted to continue learning. Now here I am many years later experiencing the same nervous anxiety!

I dislike being tested and I dislike failing at things too. But… This was one of my goals I wanted to accomplish this year. Now, have I what it takes it past this test? Life is a massive test always…. This is just a drop in the pond, right?

So I was so nervous! You would be too if you had the examiner and the examiner’s examiner in the car with you. The car handled completely differently and the clutch behaved very badly… with all that, plus the 2 serious faults, meant I failed my first attempt in getting my drivers license.

Second attempt is due in November… can’t wait!!!

Learning is Fashionable…

Learning is Fashionable...

So I’ve started my BA (Hons) in Business Studies + French. Not sure what possessed me to do such a thing, but I like to keep learning and I think a brain that is not stretched to it’s limit will be dead. Use it or lose it, eh…

You can always learn something new. I don’t have a degree and it’s something I thought would be handy to have. Since my son is growing up and would need me less and less, I thought what better thing to do than go get a professional qualification in business. Bonus is that it comes with learning French, and I’ve always wanted to take up French again… En Français s’il vous plaît!

When I was in high school it was compulsory to learn French for 3 years. I hated it… the ‘r’ use to be mon plus difficile letter to pronounce. Then there was the writing of the words! C’est fin!

Now I am older I would like to challenge myself. Oui it is going to be a challenge. But I love a challenge and I will but great effort into learning about business and speaking French.

Wish me luck!

Bonjour… It’s Friday Beautiful…

Today I had to wake up extremely early to get into the office. Engineers… they start really early for some reason and don’t seem to get a lot done quickly.

In an attempt to perk up this early start, I’ve decided to put this ensemble of clothing together. I love the cotton denim skirt with this yellow sunshine tuxedo blouse. Makes me feel beautifully happy… all I need right now is a date with my beaux  this evening 🙂

Anyway, back to work, and I hope everyone had a super week and is looking forward to an amazing weekend. Remember to enjoy your family and friends whenever you have the opportunity.

Stay beautiful..

It’s Friday… Have a Laugh …

It's Friday
Why having a laugh really is good for you – and how to have more fun every day!
Why laughter is the best medicine
  • Laughing is a great sharing experience that brings you closer to others, even people you don’t know that well.
  • A good hearty laugh can leave your muscles relaxed for as long as 45 minutes afterwards.
  • How to deal with stress – laughing decreases the presence of stress hormones in your body and at the same time it increases the body’s performance at creating cell generation and building up the antibodies that fight infection.
  • Laughing helps the body release endorphins that not only make you feel good, but can even take your mind off pain.
  • It boosts confidence, putting other problems and worries into perspective.

Style is Ageless…

Age less style

I sometimes think to myself, how old am I? We remember the milestones birthdays – 10, 18, 21, 30, 40…How much has changed? As the saying goes “we are only as old as we feel”. Some of us act younger that our years and some behave much older. Which is better? Is it better to stay lost in the bewilderment of never growing older? Life is what you make it… it really is.

I sometimes realise that I am getting older; as now I deal with situations and with people in a more mature manner.  I most definitely dress very differently I deal with situations differently. There are signs that society will probably not auspicate getting older. But really, age is just a number and a state of mind too and people alway act and look they way they feel!  X

Fashion Talks…

Fashion Talks...

Today I have a meeting with my bank manager. These meetings are always slightly nerving, but they are very very necessary. See, when it comes to money, you must always, always know what you can afford to do. What I do monetarily with my company affects my private life in such a way.

So our meeting is discuss where my business is heading and how to deal with my marketing and sales et al. It all sounds rather boring to be honest. I’d rather be meeting with my wholesalers selecting the next batch of clothing and shoes etc.

Anyway, this MUST be done. I decided to put together a little outfit to help my state of mind. I love this understated black dress, the Bilboa bag and the simple court shoes. The outfit is not outlandish by any means it just says ” Fashion talks…”

How To Make Mondays Brilliant…

Brilliant Mondays...

Monday is our opportunity to start the  week off positively.  Going into Monday with the right attitude will set you up for a week of success.  Instead of dreading Mondays imagine them to be fabulous.  Heres a few attitudes to adapt to make Mondays brilliant:

  1. Start changing your thoughts by Sunday night. Get back into ‘work mode’ think positively about Monday. It may be a struggle, but changing our train of thoughts will be a big help.
  2. Pick an outfit that makes you feel great. It’s comfortable and you are not worried about it.
  3. Get up early and do some exercise. I find down some sit-ups, pushups, and stretching for about  15 minutes always help to put me in a positive frame of mind. Sometimes I throw in some jumping jacks :-).  In addition, leave the house 15 minutes early to avoid the rush.
  4. Listen to your favourite songs / artists on your journey in to work. I love to listen to Jessie J on Mondays. If I listen to something uplifting and upbeat, it actually feels like Friday, not Monday! So create a Monday playlist to beat the blues
  5. Hang out with your favourite person at work. Perhaps you can make it so that you meet them for a quick coffee and a chat before heading into the workplace. That always help!
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast. Yes, that will set you up for he day. I like to have lemon juice with hot water to start ( it’s like a cleanse), Then I move on to eat my breakfast. I love berry smoothie Mondays. It’s filling and has loads of nutrients in it.

So theres are my tips to a making Mondays brilliant. What do you do?

Happy Monday! X

Sleeve dress

Open front cardigan

Gold flat


Saying Adieu to Summer…

Saying Adieu to Summer...

As the days getting shorter and the temperature gets cooler; we know that summer is coming to and end. Make the most of your summer dresses/ styles.

I had a very good summer. Travelling to New York and spending time with my family and friends was the highlight for sure. I hope may of you got a chance to make some memories that you will cherish until next summer!

Adieu to summer!


The Office Look…

The Office Look

How do you look stylish at the office?

You can always rely on classics: elegant jackets, pencil skirts, tailored pants. However, you don’t have to stay away from color and prints if they are well balanced. Add unique accessories to give an edge to a conservative look: original jewelry, an oversized handbag, an interesting scarf.

Summer’s night…

Summer's night

So… I’m back in London after my american journey. What an experience! I absolutely love New York city. There was family, fun, fashion, food and fascination. I encourage everyone to take gratitude in today and enjoy every minute. Dream the impossible. For when we are ready to launch our dreams into the world, talking about them with our family and friends are  great first steps. Since the goals are fully formed, the occasional negative response should not have any effect on its creation.

Time for Travel…

Time for Travel...

Well it’s that time of year… School is out and my son and I are off on our summer vacation.

I hope many of you are doing the same and wherever you are heading for holidays make the most of it!

Expecting the best is like placing an order with the universe and awaiting the delivery. But unlike mail order, when we have positive expectations of our goals we act as a beacon, or a magnet, bringing them into our lives more quickly. If we find ourselves getting impatient, we may ask for a sign. The universe is always in communication with us, so when we ask for a sign we attune ourselves to receive the messages that are already being broadcast. Today enjoy your high expectations for a wonderful experience of your present and future.

Don’t complain expect the best of your time spent with family and friends this summer, Live,Live Live!


My Life…

My Life...

Everyday of my working life I deal with people who wants things yesterday… But it definitely keeps things interesting. My home in London is, I think, beautifully quirky, reflecting my personal taste. My friends always tell how quirky I dress… I don’t particularly follow current fashion, but I always look fashionable.

My Life. My Style.

Happy Monday X

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!

So it’s the end of another week. The weather has managed to stay pretty warm… it’s definitely summer. The last time we had weather like this in London it was ten years ago. I remember it so clearly and I was pregnant with my son.
It’s definitely distracting and work is the last place you want to be…

With the warm weather I do hope you all are taking time to enjoy your life and the people in it. Take time to share this wonderful weather with friends, eat, drink and be healthy.

Play your favourite summer time music, eat watermelons, berries, etc…

Just enjoy every day and have the must happiest, fabulous of weekends!


Love Success…


How do we know when we are successful at something? So far whenever I feel successful in the things I set out to do, I take the following steps:

1. I Work Hard – nothing comes easy
2. I am Well-Presented – always dress the part
3. I Don’t Use Sexuality – you will be judged
4. I Try To Be Happy – live like it’s your last day. Be humble, make light of tricky situations. Be generous.
5. I Prepare Myself – fail to prepare and prepare to fail
6. I am Gracious – in triumph and defeat
7. I Believe In Myself – develop a thick skin. Don’t knock success, and surround myself with good.
8. I Don’t believe the hype – not everyone will love or hate me.

So for me success is individually marked. We have been successful at something…How do you mark your successes? X

Keep it Simple…

Keep it Simple...
In today’s world we seem to have lost the ability to keep things simple. We seem to over-complicate or lives with all sorts of things. I sometimes wonder why? Why have we stopped keeping things simple?

It’s funny as when we see people do something simple or dress without fuss, we adore it! We admire it and think it’s avant-garde…but really it isn’t.

We over-think what we want to wear each day, for we have forgotten how to keep it simple. Try to remember a time when you had over-think what you wanted to put on that day. I can bet your last penny, you overdid it. Wore too much or too little, dawned on more make-up or jewellery than normal. Then you leave the house feeling not so confident and unsure of what you are wearing.

The days when you don’t over think it are the days when you feel most confident.

So don’t over think it and feel like you have wear every single haute couture someone suggests.

Today keep it simple. Always, keep it simple and do YOU. X


What to Wear…

What to Wear...

Today it’s super hot day in London. It’s been ages since we’ve had weather like this. Everyone is enjoying the sunshine. People seem so happy when the sun’s is out.

So what do you wear when the weather is super hot? Wear what you feel most comfortable in. I find light floaty materials that does not stick to the skin is the best way to go. You stay cool and fell less weighed down by materials.

So get out and enjoy this beautiful weather! Happy Monday X


What is Independence… in today’s world independence means the right to choose the things and people to have in our lives that enrich it.

We choose what we want to wear each day, independently. We choose what we want to eat, and who we want to hang out with today.

I always try to choose independently, wisely and and try not to hurt people with my choices. So today celebrate Independence by choosing something that makes you feel happy and that is good.

Happy 4th July!


Make The World a Little Bit More Beautiful…

Make The World a Little Bit More Beautiful...

Today it’s raining in London. But for me that doesn’t matter much. Today I will answer this dreary weather by wearing something that cheers me up; make my world a little bit bright, sunny and beautiful.

What do you do when you feel that dark rain cloud looming over your life? I say focus on happier things or times. Get out and do something fun… force yourself! And it does work. You find a way to work through the darkness and create positive vibes for yourself.

So today, if you are feeling down, whatever it may be… wear something that lifts your spirits, that make you smile and make your world a little bit more beautiful!

Keep smiling X

Welcome to July…

Welcome to July...

July always seem to be the month when people seem the happiest. Is it because the weather has gotten warmer… well that does play a big part in our mental state.

I think it’s because people feel freer. The kids are off school for summer, parents get to be off work  for some of that time to spend time with their children. Vacations, holidays, sun, sand, beach. It all starts to happen in July!

So with that said, I would like to wish everyone a very happy JULY! Make the most of the summer wherever you are and whatever you are doing…

Stay happy X

Pink Friday…

Pink Friday...

As Friday begins we start to think of our weekend plans with great anticipation. Whatever you get up to make it fun, make it memorable, enjoy it and be happy. Maybe do something you’ve always wanted to do – something new and different.

Live Love Laugh x

Stylish Thursday…

Stylish Thursday...
To all you ladies out there, not just the petite ones, to everyone, you must remain stylish. You can buy fashion but you cannot buy style.

Style is classic, iconic, you never forget it, it doesn’t go stale. So wear something with Style today – make a splash, take me away, picture perfect, dreamy, summer sizzle, whatever you feel.

But stay true to you. Always x


Memory Wednesday…

Memory Wednesday...

Do you remember that dress you had which was your favourite and you wanted to wear it ALL the time?

I remember mine vividly… though it was not white, it was a soft baby yellow. Princess style, full skirt and flowers! I wore them with white girly Mary-Jane shoes. Now all grown up and I don’t think I would wear that same combo, but I still like to feel like a princess.

So remember today everyone” The light you possess is brighter than any star, any sun, any moon. You will find your place in the world beyond the one you are in.”

Be yourself always X

Simple Tuesday…

Simple Tuesday...

Everyday when you wake up; are you grateful for what you have or do you think of what you don’t have and fret. Sometimes I do, but then I catch myself going down that path and I’m jolted into giving up that train of thought.

I am grateful today because I am healthy, my son is healthy and strong and we live beautifully… We are not wealthy but we are rich. We are rich because we love…we love each other and we always make each other laugh. We have the ability and mind set to follow our dreams! And I am grateful for that.

What will you be grateful for today?


Thank God it’s Today…

Thank god it's Today...
Wow it’s Monday! Hope you all had the most fabulous of weekends. Things doesn’t always pan out how we plan them, but you can always put your best style foot forward.

This week is about sticking to goals and accomplishing one thing at a time.

Good luck with all you set out to accomplish this week. X

Friday date night…

Friday date night...

Thursday is the new Friday…

Thursday is the new Friday...

I’m not going to say “it’s almost the end of the week”, in celebration because that means that time is going too quickly. I hope many of you have accomplished what you set out to this week.
Happy Thursday!

It’s raining…

It's raining...

It doesn’t matter if it is raining today. Just be thankful that it is today, and at least it is warm. Wearing these warm colours will most definitely bring out your innermost sunshine! I’m up for it… what colours will you wear today?

Tuesday Chic…

Tuesday Chic...

These light colours can make any day feel like summer. Remember always wear a smile with your outfits!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday Pop of Colour….

Monday Pop of Colour....
I know, all black, really? Well I thinking slightly different. But here we have the red back popping out. so guess what? You will still turn heads!
Happy Monday everyone! x

Looking for Summer…

Looking for Summer
Well, it’s Friday everyone. The weather has been dismal, but we’ve managed to get through the week stylishly 🙂 No matter the weather, we wear what makes us happy!

Have a great weekend x

Thursday wear…

Thursday wear...
Time for something blue. We love all these items.

All Star Wednesday…

All Star

Bring out your inner star today. Our red tote will turn heads today. Our all star jumper is a great way to stay warm as the London weather is a little cool today!

Don’t let it rain…

Singing in the rain!

Well the rain is back in London, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep out summer state of mind!

Summer Fashion – Red alert!…

Summer Fashion - Red alert!

Our signature skater skirts are of excellent quality, colours and perfect for co-ordinating that cute office look. It’s comes with pull-up fit with elastic waistband free belt! Super soft to the touch. Pair with a feminine blouse and elegant courts.  

Mid-Week Style…

Mid-Week Style

It’s Black and It’s White

It's Black and It's White


Off the shoulder sweater



Simple Thursday…

Simple Thursday

What I wore today!

What I wore today!

Spring dress

Spring dress

The Envelope bag

The Envelope bag


Happy Monday

The Little Bold Dress

The Little Bold Dress

Saturday’s girlie treat

Saturday's girlie trat

Autumn Approaches…

Autumn Approaches
With Autumn on the horizon… I’ve decided to share my favourite colours and pieces. I love autumn it’s my most liked season! The  vivvid, vibrant colours the smell of burning wood. Long walks on the weekend with your family…


The weather has gone cool again…but the outfits must remain hot. Did my work out this morning. Healthy body equals healthy mind. It really sets me up for the day. I really like working out to Billy Blanks DVDs. So much cheaper than the gym and he’s such a good motivator.
London’s has olympic mania but the one sport missing is shopping! I wonder if shopping will ever be an olympic sport…my Tuesday choices are for comfort but still a feminine look for work…


What a glorious day today is! I can’t believe how sunny it is…makes you feel so alive and happy happy happy! London looks just amazing in the sunlight! More if this please….




                                                       WHERE YOU WISH TO BE KISSED… by pauline-i featuring chanel fragrance
Some of my absolute favourite perfumes. I would go as far as to say that are my stables… I love  everyone of these… These must be applied where you desire to be kissed…cheeky…


                                            FRIDAY YAY! by pauline-i featuring a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance
Yesterday I worked really hard to meet those bloody deadlines, but there’s always more to do! Today I am looking forward to meeting all my deadlines and leaving work with feelings of accomplishment!  Movie night to end a long hard week… and some quality time with my loved ones. And some popcorn too!
Tomorrow I’m looking forward to my pampering session :).  Next day, it’s suppose to be the best weather we’ve had in eons…I shall spend my weekend in dresses and ballerina shoes! Bring on the sunshine I say!!!


Thursday’s is the new Friday. Had my homemade soya latte…made the froth with my hand-held froth maker. Brilliant little tool. Off to drop my baba at school, then it’s a quick dash for the train, and into work by 9.30am. Another hard-pressed day. I’m ready for this one… I’m in beast mode!


City girl

So when I say I. AM. BUSY… no joke… really busy. The life of living in one of the busiest cities in the world!  Work is super hectic and I seem to have deadlines coming out of my ears! The idea of taking a day off to spend time with my baba seems impossible. I must say that I am very much looking forward to Friday evening when I get to chillax with my baba, watch a movie and eat popcorn.   Being this busy equals… tired city girl..running in heels! Thank goodness for french soles!


Work day


Sunday sweets


Glitzy Friday...

Black blazer
$28 –

I love these items. With the gloomy weather we are facing in London, this golden vest make you really happy! The leopard print shoes to bring out your wild side 🙂 And it’s affordable fashion too! Love it!


Beach Babe


Girlie treats

Giorgio armani perfume

H M hair accessory
$3.09 –

Casual Saturdays

Casual saturdays

Two tone shirt


Brahmin leather bag

Willing on Summer

Willing on Summer



Madison Harding platform heels
$255 –

Isabel Marant brass jewelry
$543 –

Blue Nile platinum earrings
$535 –

Greco Area Rug
$129 –



Madison Harding platform heels
$255 –

Isabel Marant brass jewelry
$543 –

Blue Nile platinum earrings
$535 –

Greco Area Rug
$129 –