Time for Change…

Time for Change...

This weekend marks the official end of Summer. The clock goes back 1 hour, but do we gain an hour? Time change… but will we still continue to feel like we don’t have any time to do the everyday things. I feel like I can use 5 more hours in the day!

It also makes the day my son turning 10 years old. How ‘times flies’. I can’t believe it… he’s such a superstar kid. I’m very proud of him.

The clock changes, but time waits for no one…


Today’s Look Forward…

Today's Look

Looking forward is a great thing. When you look forward you remain positive. And when you remain positive you achieve more than you think you can. I know that this has been rehashed before… But I use this way of thinking when I get dress every morning. I look forward to what I will wear today. I don’t dwell on it but I look forward to getting dressed, putting my shoes etc etc..accomplishing my tasks at work and for my business.

So today my encouragement is to look forward. No matter what it is. Big or small; look forward to it and it will be a more enjoyable experience.

Have a great Tuesday!
Miss Williams x

Dress – Miss Williams Petites

Shoes – Miss Williams Petites

Handbag – Miss Williams Petites

Watch – John Lewis

Time for Travel…

Time for Travel...

Well it’s that time of year… School is out and my son and I are off on our summer vacation.

I hope many of you are doing the same and wherever you are heading for holidays make the most of it!

Expecting the best is like placing an order with the universe and awaiting the delivery. But unlike mail order, when we have positive expectations of our goals we act as a beacon, or a magnet, bringing them into our lives more quickly. If we find ourselves getting impatient, we may ask for a sign. The universe is always in communication with us, so when we ask for a sign we attune ourselves to receive the messages that are already being broadcast. Today enjoy your high expectations for a wonderful experience of your present and future.

Don’t complain expect the best of your time spent with family and friends this summer, Live,Live Live!


Love Success…


How do we know when we are successful at something? So far whenever I feel successful in the things I set out to do, I take the following steps:

1. I Work Hard – nothing comes easy
2. I am Well-Presented – always dress the part
3. I Don’t Use Sexuality – you will be judged
4. I Try To Be Happy – live like it’s your last day. Be humble, make light of tricky situations. Be generous.
5. I Prepare Myself – fail to prepare and prepare to fail
6. I am Gracious – in triumph and defeat
7. I Believe In Myself – develop a thick skin. Don’t knock success, and surround myself with good.
8. I Don’t believe the hype – not everyone will love or hate me.

So for me success is individually marked. We have been successful at something…How do you mark your successes? X

Keep it Simple…

Keep it Simple...
In today’s world we seem to have lost the ability to keep things simple. We seem to over-complicate or lives with all sorts of things. I sometimes wonder why? Why have we stopped keeping things simple?

It’s funny as when we see people do something simple or dress without fuss, we adore it! We admire it and think it’s avant-garde…but really it isn’t.

We over-think what we want to wear each day, for we have forgotten how to keep it simple. Try to remember a time when you had over-think what you wanted to put on that day. I can bet your last penny, you overdid it. Wore too much or too little, dawned on more make-up or jewellery than normal. Then you leave the house feeling not so confident and unsure of what you are wearing.

The days when you don’t over think it are the days when you feel most confident.

So don’t over think it and feel like you have wear every single haute couture someone suggests.

Today keep it simple. Always, keep it simple and do YOU. X


Make The World a Little Bit More Beautiful…

Make The World a Little Bit More Beautiful...

Today it’s raining in London. But for me that doesn’t matter much. Today I will answer this dreary weather by wearing something that cheers me up; make my world a little bit bright, sunny and beautiful.

What do you do when you feel that dark rain cloud looming over your life? I say focus on happier things or times. Get out and do something fun… force yourself! And it does work. You find a way to work through the darkness and create positive vibes for yourself.

So today, if you are feeling down, whatever it may be… wear something that lifts your spirits, that make you smile and make your world a little bit more beautiful!

Keep smiling X

Welcome to July…

Welcome to July...

July always seem to be the month when people seem the happiest. Is it because the weather has gotten warmer… well that does play a big part in our mental state.

I think it’s because people feel freer. The kids are off school for summer, parents get to be off work  for some of that time to spend time with their children. Vacations, holidays, sun, sand, beach. It all starts to happen in July!

So with that said, I would like to wish everyone a very happy JULY! Make the most of the summer wherever you are and whatever you are doing…

Stay happy X