If you’re health conscious, but still want that treat now and then, this recipe is for you. Gooey, gorgeous fudgy brownies you can make at home to satisfy those cravings.



A quarter of the world’s population cares a lot about the Chinese zodiac. Even if you don’t believe in it, you’d be wise to know how it works, says technologist and entrepreneur ShaoLan Hseuh. In this fun, informative talk, ShaoLan shares some tips for understanding the ancient tradition and describes how it’s believed to influence your personality, career, marriage prospects and how you’ll do in a given year. What does your sign say about you?

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ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide, Stratford

The UK’s tallest sculpture, the ArcelorMittal Orbit in the heart of the 2012 Olympic Park, has quickly become one of the most recognised features on the London skyline. Designed by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond, from 24th June you’ll be able to descend it via the world’s highest and longest tunnel slide, formed of loops and curves. Only for the brave.

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Be More Productive At Work

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Prepare Who wants to work outside of the hours in which they’re paid? Maybe the adult version of Tracy Flick, but we’re hard-pressed to think of anyone else. However, a little Sunday prep time, or night-before prep time, can lessen work stress immensely and pave the way for greater productivity. We suggest making detailed to-do lists before every single day of work, as well as getting a jump on any tasks that may be difficult to complete while in the office (thanks, open seating plans).

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MWF TV Guide


Shaken Babies: What's the Truth? - Panorama

Panorama: Shaken Babies – What’s The Truth? / BBC1, 8.30pm

Parents face jail or losing their children if courts find them guilty of harming their babies by shaking them,
but one doctor who regularly appears as an expert defence witness has been accused by the General Medical Council
of giving unreliable evidence in such cases. In this programme,
Alison Holt talks to the neuropathologist at the centre of a fight about diagnoses of shaken baby syndrome,
and meets convicted parents who continue to protest their innocence.


Inside Obama’s White House / BBC2, 9pm

This four-part series gives an account of Barack Obama’s successes and failures,
as told by his inner circle and chief adversaries, including the story of how he tried to reshape America.
The election of the first African American President marked an era of hope,
but what happened instead was economic collapse, minimal cooperation from the Republican opposition,
and the rise of a populist anti-big government Tea Party.

First Dates / Channel 4, 9pm 

Choir master Jay is looking to put dark moments from his past behind him as he moves on from a
homophobic attack that left him having to learn to walk again, and hopes investment banker
Robbie will accept him for the person he is. Twenty-eight-year-old property manager and glamorous burlesque dancer Becky
was once a shy teenager, but her raunchy dance routines have boosted her self-esteem,
and her date is with Bristolian Lewis, a budding comedian
who is tired of the single life, or as he puts it ‘juggling with one ball’.


This is 40 / Film4, 9pm

A couple wrestle with a series of crises as their 40th birthdays loom on the horizon,
turning to friends and family for help in coping with the challenges of work,
parenthood, age and debt. Starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.


Jo Brand's Hell of a Walk for Sport Relief

Jo Brand’s Hell Of A Walk For Sport Relief / BBC1, 9pm 

Back in January, Jo Brand embarked on a seven-day challenge to
walk 135 from east to west across the country – and cameras followed her every step of the way.
The comedian took on the challenge to inspire all overweight, middle-aged women
across the nation – as well as raise money for Sport Relief 2016.


Sport Relief 2016

Sport Relief / BBC1 & 2, 7pm

Gary Lineker, Davina McCall, Claudia Winkleman, David Walliams, Greg James and Alesha Dixon
host as leading lights in the worlds of sport, music and entertainment gather at
East London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the biennial fundraiser,
a feast of entertainment with one aim – to raise money for worthy charity projects.
With music by Birdy and James Bay. Continues on BBC Two at 10pm and on BBC One at 10.35pm.

Limitless / E4, 9PM

Sci-fi thriller starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.
One of life’s losers is transformed into a high-achieving dynamo thanks to a mysterious new drug,
but his overnight success attracts the wrong kind of attention from those keen to profit from the discovery.



Six Nations / BBC One, 19.25pm

Six Nations as France host England at the Stade de France.
The reverse fixture between the sides last year was one of the most memorable in the competition’s history.
England needed to score heavily to give themselves a chance of winning a first title since 2011
but despite scoring a record 55 points against the French they fell just short of Ireland’s points difference.
Will the result of this year’s match again have a bearing on who wins the championship?


The Night Manager

The Night Manager / BBC1, 9pm

Don’t miss the penultimate episode of this hit series in which Roper discovers that crucial documents
have been leaked and becomes suspicious that he has a traitor in his team.
Pine is asked to demonstrate weapons to one of the arms dealer’s clients,
and is confronted with the full horror of Roper’s actions.
Dromgoole tries to persuade Burr to abandon her investigation,
leaving her afraid for her family’s safety.

Being Mindful About Money…


No-one likes to talk about it! We feel uncomfortable with it, we feel guilty spending it, we feel bad for not saving it, we feel shame when we have it. When we earn high salaries, we feel like we don’t deserve them. When we earn low salaries we’re scared to ask for more.
We all have different behaviour and belief systems when it comes to money. Much of this has been handed down to us from our parents, and the financial circumstances of the environment we grew up in.

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You can find Moro in the little creative village-like area of Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell.
A Stone throw away are many famous architects i.e. Zaha Hadid Architects.
Moro is a delicious North African / Iberian / Mediterranean influenced restaurant

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