The Boy in Central Park , NY 2013

Someone once told me that I would live a long life. But I’ve been constantly told, and even use the phrase myself, that life is short. So, if some of us are going to live a long life which is short, shouldn’t we make it the best life ever….living everyday being the best, doing our best, treating ourselves and love ones the best, doing our best work?

 I’m a worrier, I won’t lie. I worry about the boy, myself, finances, and achieving all my definite desires, and goals in this supposedly long life that I have ahead of me. Is it worth worrying, when we always say life is too short? I don’t know….What is the secret to fulfilling all that we want out of life? And why is it that when you think you’ve got it figured out something happens that turns everything upside down and inside out?

fullsizeoutput_290aThe past six months have been a mixed bag of events for me… some progressive and many regressive. I’ve thought about all the events that I’ve experienced recently and I see them as character building (but not whilst they are happen–then, they were just incredibly annoying!).

I’ve been stuck and one dimensional far too long prior to these life changing events. My life was disrupted in many ways and I can say that I’ve learned a lot of about myself. I might worry about things but I never ever give up on my dreams, desires and goals. The events that seem to regress my progress may in fact propel me further than I expect, to achieve more faster than I would without them.

Never fret about disruptive events that will happen to you over your long/short life. They are sent to wake you up and make you live. They are sent to push you to give up the Will to Fail.

–Miss Williams–