Think and Grow Rich

I’ve reading this book think and grow rich twice now. What an eye opener, both times. If you can get hold of this book I suggest grabing it with all your might and read, drink and devour it!

The book makes clear the deep seated subconscious causes of  lack of persistence:

  1. Failure to recognise exactly what one wants
  2. Proscrastination ( usually backed by  excuses and alibis)
  3. Lack of interest in acquiring speciliased knowledege
  4. Indecision – habit of ‘passing the buck’ instead of facing issues clearly
  5. Relying upon alibis instead of creating definite plans for solving problems
  6. Self-Satisfaction
  7. Indifference – always compromising, rather than meet opposition and fight it
  8. Blaming others
  9. Weakness of desire
  10. Quiting at the fist sign of defeat
  11. Lack of organised plans (in writing)
  12. Neglectng to move on ideas or grasp opportunity when it presents itself
  13. Wishing instead of willing
  14. Comprising with poverty instead of aiming for riches
  15. Searching for shortcuts to riches, trying to get without giving a fair equivalent (gambling et al)
  16. Fear of criticism  – failure to create plans and action them because of what people will think, do or say