Operations Manager with 12 years experience in the architectural sector; responsible for the management of all administrative operations which encompasses HR, bid co-ordination, quality assurance, marketing administration and events. My goal is to provide, promote and sustain an outstanding working environment for our employees and clients.


Angela Benton is the founder and CEO of NewME. Since launching in 2011, NewME has accelerated over 300 startups and helped them raise over $17 million in venture capital funding. Her advice: “Being a single mom is NOT a setback. Nestled somewhere in the pages of a storybook is the idea that entrepreneurs “hustle,” “crush … Continue reading OWN YOUR SINGLE MOM STATUS


No-one likes to talk about it! We feel uncomfortable with it, we feel guilty spending it, we feel bad for not saving it, we feel shame when we have it. When we earn high salaries, we feel like we don’t deserve them. When we earn low salaries we’re scared to ask for more. We all … Continue reading BEING MINDFUL ABOUT MONEY


Understand Yourself When a company identifies their brand personality, they didn’t just create it on the fly. It’s a strategic, well-thought out decision pieced together to be truly representative of who they want to be. Your own brand should work the exact same way. JOT DOWN A FEW ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE THE WAY YOU’D LIKE TO … Continue reading BUILDING A PERSONAL BRAND

Think and Grow Rich

So for the past few weeks I’ve reading this boook think and grow rich. What an eye opener. If you can get hold of this book I suggest grabing it with all your might and read, drink and devour it! The book makes clear the deep seated subconscious causes of  lack of persistence: Failure to … Continue reading Think and Grow Rich


BOOKS The Millionaire Next Door: When I decided to read this book, I didn’t expect to learn anything new. This book is referenced in so many personal finance conversations that I felt I knew what it was going to say: Millionaires don’t drive brand new luxury cars.


Prepare Who wants to work outside of the hours in which they’re paid? Maybe the adult version of Tracy Flick, but we’re hard-pressed to think of anyone else. However, a little Sunday prep time, or night-before prep time, can lessen work stress immensely and pave the way for greater productivity. We suggest making detailed to-do … Continue reading BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AT WORK

  For becoming a stronger leader: How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek Bestselling author and marketing consultant Simon Sinek draws on the examples set by legendary leaders such as Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs to argue leadership must always start with a question: Why? Visit