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TV GUIDE 27.06.16

TUESDAY 28TH JUNE LOVE YOUR GARDEN / ITV LONDON, 8PM Alan Titchmarsh and the team head to Hull to transform the garden of a 90-year-old land girl and ballroom dancing devotee. Frailty has seen the twice-widowed great-grandmother lose the ability to tend her once beautiful gardens, so they have become neglected no-go areas. After Alan … Continue reading TV GUIDE 27.06.16

TV GUIDE 06.06.16

TUESDAY 7TH JUNE  Fuelled by a boom in oil, gas and telecoms, Nigeria is now Africa’s largest economy. With a new wave of super-rich moving in to London’s poshest neighbourhoods, this documentary follows the lives of wealthy young Nigerians as they live what’s dubbed `the shuttle life’ between Lagos and London.

TV Guide

Dispatches: Britain’s Nightmare New Homes 8pm/C4 The Government has committed to building a million new homes by 2020, but will the rush to put up new housing result in ugly, poor-quality buildings that won’t stand the test of time? Seyi Rhodes investigates the thousands of new properties being built by developers across the country and … Continue reading TV Guide