Dairy Face


Consuming too much dairy can cause inflammation ‘gutflamaton’.
THE SIGNS: Dark circles, undereye puffiness, milia (raised white pumps), eczema and spots around the chin.
REPLACE IT WITH: Hemp or almond milk

Sugar Face

various types of sugar
Too much if this sweetness can cause glycation – where protein molecules cross-link with sugar molecules to forms sugar proteins what aren’t recognised by our bodies. This triggers the production of antibodies, which causes inflammation to the skin.
THE SIGNS: Wrinkling, loss of elasticity, redness, premature aging.
REPLACE IT WITH: Fruit in moderation (avoid peeling apples and pears – they help with digesting sugar slowly.)

Wine Face

I love a good glass of red wine, but with all it’s loveliness, it’s full of sugar and quickly leads to dehydration.
THE SIGNS: Deeper looking laughter lines, dry, dull, sagging skin.
REPLACE IT WITH: Water and if you do drink try a spirit like vodka mixed with soda and stay away from sugary mixers like juice and soda.

Gluten Face


Like dairy, gluten can cause an inflammatory response, even you’re not intolerant.
THE SIGNS: Facial puffiness, swollen joints, breakouts.
REPLACE IT WITH: Brown rice, pulses and sweet potatoes. Stay away from gluten-free alternatives, they can be packed with additives that aren’t good for you.