Funky Knits…

hollow-netted sweater

It’s all about new knitwear right now, this street-style hero is our ultimate new-season buy.

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The Work Dress…


If like me,you’re on a budget and want to update your
work wear wardrobe for the winter, look no further!

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Arm Candy Friday…


So, if you’re like me, always looking for ways to boost your look on the accessories side this AW15,
my I suggest some hot to trot arm candy.
Any colour fancy… don’t be told what candy colour to wear this season, you choose!
Calm colours like khaki or make a bold statement in the brightest colour
you feel comfortable sporting to freshen up your look.


The Day Bag…



Carrying your bad in the inside of your elbow or down by your side reflects and air of Sophistication.  It indicates you are in control and not rushing, yet are still very much a woman with somewhere to go.

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Social Responsibility: Bottega Veneta


Ever wondered how some of the well-known fashion brands spend their money?

Besides reinvesting in new designs & product development and expensive ad campaigns, I’ve found out some Brands that put some money being their social responsibility policies. I will share these with you throughout the week. Here’s the first.

#Bottega Veneta’s history / identity are linked close to the Veneto region in the northeast of Italy… the heart of its social initiatives. In 2011 the brand assisted in launching the Women’s Mountain Cooperatives – a charity that benefits a large number of women who are in unemployment in the Alto Astico and Posina mountain. They’ve helped build two artisan #leather-making workshops and each employ 30 people. 2012 saw the brand financed a three-month cause in bag design and product development, was gave students from IUAV university in Venice the opportunity to attend and three students from Japan who was affected by the tsunami. New courses kicks off in Jan 2015.

Makes you think as an individual, what can I do? What little thing can I do everyday to show social responsibilities. So as you go about your day, think socially and give something back.


More to Christmas Jumpers than Snowmen and Reindeer…

More to Christmas Jumpers than Snowmen and Reindeer…
Christmas is coming, and the stores are busy stocking their shelves with treats and temptations ready for the holiday season.Now might be the time for your thinking about your winter wardrobe, and how you can dress for the season without looking like a fully decked out Christmas tree.There really is.
Just because you are looking for jumpers close to Christmas, doesn’t mean that they need to be covered in snowmen, reindeer and old St Nick.Granted, there’s always a space in everybody’s wardrobe for a little novelty, but for now it’s time to look for a stylish, chic wardrobe wonder that can be worn all winter long.

Electric Blue Sweater

Bandage Jumper

Khaki Knit Jumper

Shoulder Embellished Sweater

Petite Red Winter Jumper

My Product Review

Clinique Dark Spot Corrector


Started using this product 4 weeks ago. J’aime beaucoup! It leaves the skin on my face feeling extremely soft and very smooth and I like a velvety, silky feel. It has an off white colour, and light, non-greasy texture. The dispenser is light in weight and does not take up a lot of space in my already cramped cabinet :-).

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