Confidence is about action, taking control! It’s not the absence of fear– it’s really about taking action regardless of how you might be feeling.

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The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

In her new book, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein encourages you to let go of the oppressive need for control and embrace freedom and uncertainty in your career and wider life. This shift from fear to faith is about taking power back from a world that makes you feel powerless. Continue reading

A Girl Friend Is Often Better Than a Boyfriend


Of course, it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with on rainy nights and binge-watch Game of Thrones with, but a smart girl lives by the old adage that men may come and go but your girlfriends will be there forever. In light of the recent press surrounding the undeniable power of the single woman and the fact that—according to the publication—only (New York Magazine) around 20 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 are currently married, compared to 60 percent just a few decades ago, we decided to take a minute to celebrate the merits of female friendships. Because truly great girlfriends are not only important in today’s world, they’re imperative. Here, five reasons why girlfriends are better than boyfriends.

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Being Mindful About Money…


No-one likes to talk about it! We feel uncomfortable with it, we feel guilty spending it, we feel bad for not saving it, we feel shame when we have it. When we earn high salaries, we feel like we don’t deserve them. When we earn low salaries we’re scared to ask for more.
We all have different behaviour and belief systems when it comes to money. Much of this has been handed down to us from our parents, and the financial circumstances of the environment we grew up in.

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The Self-Made Billionaire Effect

Party Season…


A great alternative to the standard pencil skirt, the leather pleat gives form and structure and looks chic with a printed shirt or patterned jumper tucked in. Add edge to your fall winter wardrobe.

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road to horizon

A very HAPPY 2015 to very one who likes and follows my blog. I hope that 2015 brings you all peace, love, good health and happiness. Make this year one of progression, and strive to be and do your very best in everything that you do. I’d like to share Dr. Phil’s Sweet sixteen rules with you and some of it resonates with me and I hope that it does you too!

1. Have a defined “image” and never go out of character.
• You must know both yourself and how to present yourself.

2. Create a perception of uniqueness.
• Choose to define your image so that you distinguish yourself from anyone else in the world.

3. Play “big,” not just long.
• Playing big is different than playing long because even reliable and competent people that play long seldom win big, if at all.

4. Learn to claim and accept praise, and acknowledge it in a gracious way, but do accept it.
• The goal is to get noticed and acknowledged for who you are and what you do.

5. Become “essential.”
• If you want to succeed in any situation, it is important to be needed and good to be relied upon.

6. Know your real currency.
• Don’t waste time working for what you don’t want.

7. Always, always have a plan.
• If you want to achieve a sustained measure of success in any area of your life, you need a specific plan that begins with identifying what you want.

8. Keep things “close to the vest.”
• To be interesting you have to maintain a certain degree of mystery, because it gives you a degree of mastery.

9. Always be in investigatory mode.
• You have to constantly be gathering relevant information that may empower you to do and achieve what you desire.

10. Must “stretch” and behave your way to success, even if it feels like “fake it until you make it.”
• Have confidence and be bold enough to stretch yourself, scramble to close the gap if one exists, and grow into new opportunities.

11. Always keep your options open.
• It is important to always leave yourself a face-saving way out.

12. Always master the system and figure a way to make it work for you.
• You can gain distinct advantage if you know the game better than anybody else.

13. Create a passionate nucleus of supporters.
• Surround yourself with people who share your passion and vision, and support your pursuit of your goals.

14. Deal only with the truth.
• You must resolve to never fail to acknowledge if you have a problem or are in some kind of toxic situation that is draining your life energy.

15. Recognize and use the ego and greed of others to create a path to success.
• If you want acceptance and to be heard and well-regarded, you can create receptivity by being sensitive to your listener’s ego.

16. Pick your battles and never let your opponent have control.
• Never put yourself in an untenable position by picking a battle that you don’t need to fight and don’t know with great certainty that you can win.