The party season is fast approaching… and we are on the hunt for statement pieces, that inspire glamour and style.

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Apart from the usual heels, midi skirts and tailored trousers we wear to work, they are not aways comfortable. Realistically, when wear heels to work my feet are killing me by 3pm and I am effing and blinding by 5pm. Between my moring commuite — which sometime see me walking to the train station due the the terrific traffic build up, running over two floors for meetings, sometimes I just want that weekend comfort with oversize jumper, sneakers, baggie jeans and big coat.

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Well, well, it looks like the next few days will feel like the summer we’ve been wishing for! This morning I stood in front of my clothing rail aimlessly wondering what the heck I’m going to wear. So I threw on my polka dot skirt and a Saint Tropez fine crocheted,lightweight top ( the lightest top I own!) Below are some How To’s…..

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Loving this effortless after-dark style is a body for those warm summer nights. Who would have thought this sexy go-to piece from the ‘90s would make a come back! 🙂

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Some of us dabble in the art of mixing prints and some of us avoid it completely. The sunny season calls for experimenting with bright wares in playful, punchy hues. The secret to pulling off the look lies in the careful combination of prints that look complementary when set against one another. Unsure where to start? Here, our tips on how to master this tricky trend through three distinct outfits.

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Highwaist trousers

Upgrade your crop top with striped high-waisted trousers.

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White & Utility Green

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Being The Punctual Woman… Never Be Late Again


If  you’ve fallen into a vicious cycle of waking up late, taking entirely too long to get dressed and ultimately arriving at your office way after your colleagues? Make this bad habit the exception, not the rule, and get control of your routine with a few simple time-saving tips. We promise, being prompt—for both professional and personal engagements—will make your life easier 100% of the time. Here, hacks for keeping your schedule running like clockwork.

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Dress up a vintage tee and jeans with a tailored trench.

These looks are sure to encourage a fresh approach to your closet.

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While some of us relate to Carrie Bradshaw‘s more-is-more approach to shoe shopping,
others get easily overwhelmed at the prospect of purchasing new footwear each season.
Striking a balance between runway inspiration and real life can be tough,
we zeroed in on the five key styles you need to be on-trend this spring.

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Being a teenager in the ’90s  – we wore everything baggy, I mean everything!
T-shirts, jeans, shirts you name it!
This trend is having a serious renaissance right now; the humble hoodie is back in the fashion spotlight.

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The Remarkable Vogue Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

This exhibition has been organised by the National Portrait Gallery,

London in collaboration with British Vogue as part of the magazine’s centenary celebrations.

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Wear Stripes…


We want to fill our wardrobe with timeless pieces.
And you should be on the lookout for classic striped tees to add to your ever-growing collection.
Get your fix of white, black and navy.
Grab your cross-body bag, and prepare to embrace the style that just keeps giving 🙂

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Friday Style


I’m always trying out cool new ways to style my basics, and what better way to spruce up my winter wardrobe.
More recently I’ve been wearing a lot of camel and grey staples.
Not sure if it’s trendy gaining in my world.

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The Work Look: Comfy Jumper With Pencil Skirt…


If you’re like us and you like to keep your wardrobe looking new and inspired yet stylish enough to wear at the office,
check out these comfy jumpers and pencil skirt looks…
Don’t forget the heels 🙂

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The Basic Tee-Shirt….


I like trendy styles but nothing beats
comfy t-shirts – a staple we must all have 🙂

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Trend To keep: Cropped jeans


With so many trends out there, how do we know which ones to keep?!  This could be difficult and how do we know what to shop for? I’ve streamline my favourites 🙂 Continue reading

Friday…Sexy Jumper Day..

cutoutshoulderThe Chunky Knit

Yes, ladies… I think jumpers can be cosy and sexy….

Even in winter! Check out some of our  flesh-flashing knits we’ve put together for you.

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Vogue’s 2016 Trend Alert…

 poloshirt Polo Shirt

tyedyeTie-dye Dress

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Winter White Trousers


Wearing white in winter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s daringly chic!  Continue reading

Happy 2016!!

IMG_3744My birthday and Christmas came and went and we are fast approaching 2016. We ended 2015 with a fabulous photoshoot and looking forward to the coming year with great anticipation.

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Faux fur tote

When it comes to shopping online shopping destinations, Miss Williams Fashion is the place to nab some of the hottest fashion products. Imagine my excitement to be announcement to of 60% OFF.

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Fashion Jewelry…

Black Gemstone Net Collar Neckalce

Check out our unique character of charm necklaces.Perfect gifts this season. Continue reading

Celebrity Style… Woman Crush Wednesday…


Rihanna’s style always hit the headlines.

She has gone from pop party princess into style maven and inspiration behind Dior.

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Our Shearling Coats…


With winter nipping at our toes, this fuzzy down is really about to come into its own. Browse our website for yours.

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High Fashion Faux Fur…


sleeveless fur vest apricot

From the treacherous tundra to the snowy city streets, these vintage vest coats are sure to warm your heart this spring! These bold, faux fur open front is a winner when it comes to keeping cozy – these vest will ensure you stay ‘haute’ in the coolest temperatures.

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Party Season…


A great alternative to the standard pencil skirt, the leather pleat gives form and structure and looks chic with a printed shirt or patterned jumper tucked in. Add edge to your fall winter wardrobe.

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Mulled Wine…


Burgundy feels like the perfect hue for this time of year, think mulled wine.

Throw in some  grey, blue denim  and presto! a colour combo that’s fashionable.

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The Leather Skirt…


I like this edgy, fierce finish, championing leather to my evolving skirt collection.
For me it’s an alternative to wearing a pencil skirt (which I think is pretty restrictive sometimes).

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Ankle Boots For Ever…


Ankle boots are everywhere and it seems to a staple in most of our wardrobes.

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Pink Friday…

princess sleeve dress

To be honest, I will wear most colours, but not normally wear pink things, in fact,
I have probable 2 items in my wardrobe that may contain pink…

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Our Leopard Print Report…


I quite like the look of leopard, but shy away from it, always!  But I’ve decided to do an edit on our leopard pieces.

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Our Cape Round Up…


We are covering up this AW15 with the Cape… Most definitely leader of the pack in our opinion!

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Lacey Friday…

sheer laced top black

Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern,

made by machine or by hand.

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The Work Dress…


If like me,you’re on a budget and want to update your
work wear wardrobe for the winter, look no further!

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This Season Knits…




Trending Knit Wear


Petie Loose fit Cable jumper

I think the AW15 wardrobe should always have knitwear.
Update yours and check out some of the our latest digs.

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The Awesomeness of the LBD

   The Little Black Dress


Every woman can vouch for the awesomeness of the LBD.

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The Fashion Set


Recently I’ve started to like The Biker Boots.
It’s the boot that mixes style, comfort and the tough-girl chic – suggesting they can be an essential addition to your autumn footwear arsenal.

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Gilet Friday…



Coming soon…

Yes, autumn is big on coats. The days are becoming much chillier so it’s time to master the furry gilet.

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Skirting The Issue

The Revival

Vintage A-line demin

The skirt holds a classic, feminine place in my heart. It’s been rarely considered of late with the rise of skinny jeans et al.

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Wearing Mustard…

Mustard  for AW15.

Tom Leighton Photography

Mellow yellow, ode to the ’70s.  If you’ve long abandon the other wearable colours , it might be time to reconsider.

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Shearling Darling…

The Cover-Up


For its wonderful protective qualities, the aesthetic appeal of Shearling has made us fall  it again. Classic combination of  suede busting with plumage, ensures it’s the piece to go for, whilst retaining the wild feeling.

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Watch fashion designer, business woman and all round style guru Victoria Beckham reveal her top 10 fashion tips in this video created by Medium Rare for online retail destination Lane Crawford.

The Cable-Knit Sweater

Piece Of The SeasonPetite red jumperThe humble knit… Elevated this season into the ultimate Luxe finish to every outfit for every occasion.  The ‘fisherman’    cable-knit sweater is the piece to invest in.

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The Hot Colour



 It’s what they called Katherine Hepburn’s defiant, chic character in The Philadelphia Story.

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Autumn Is Finally Here…

Orange Is The New Black
Is not just an awesome TV show but also the colour for autumn. Orange will be everywhere come autumn so get in the act now and with a cute dress, t-shirt or skirt.

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The Coat…

long boyfriend coat grey

With the rise in feminism, embrace the masculinity of an oversized, long heavy coat. It works well over a sturdy outfit or a soft satiny dress. Feel free to layer! Wear your favourite shirt-jumper combo to amplify the look.

The Square-toe-Pump…

The Square-toe-Pump is making a come-back this autumn. They are so retro! But they have been updated to with a modern angle. If you want to stand out from the crowed this season, these will definitely help you make a statement. Wear them with an A-line skirt or this seasons trendy cropped trousers. You can’t be timid if you want the wear these 🙂

Autumn Notes…

sweet irregular fluffy long sleeve coat

With autumn fast approaching the days are getting shorter and the nights starting to cool,  our knitwear provides the ideal cover-up to banish the evening chill.

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Petite Flares…


When it comes to clothing and being a petite, for me, it’s about finding good quality clothing that make feel and look great. And that goes for finding good pair of jeans.

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Petite Items For Your Autumn Wardrobe

Pink highwaisted flare

It’s time to get ready for autumn, and what better way to do it than to invest in a few key pieces for your wardrobe. When deciding on what staple pieces you need this season, it is important to think about what particular looks suit you, and how to get the best value for your money by buying pieces that can be interchanged with each other to make a whole host of different outfits.  Miss Williams Fashion have a huge variety of gorgeous clothes to choose from – the key is to have fun with your outfits and enjoy what you’re wearing.

So to make it a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of some items that should be seen in every stylish woman’s wardrobe this autumn.

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Selling Petite Sizes

Young beautiful, elegantly dressed woman with bicycle

In the past few of years, it’s become abundantly clear to retailers that the plus-size market is underserved, which resulted in major growth opportunity. But there is another niche size category that should be given more attention — petites. Continue reading

Our Latest Items In Store

We are giving £20 off when you spend £100 all throughout the month of August!

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About My Online Boutique


A few years ago I started my online boutique, catering to the needs of petite women. Along the way I’ve learned that ‘regular’ size women love the style of clothes that I was selling but they feared that the would not be able to fit in them. Some purchased the tops and jumpers which fitted them very well.

The funny thing about his whole online boutique targeting petite ladies, is that not many petite ladies trust that the clothes will fit them? So what do I do? How do I convince petite women that my clothes will look absolutely fabulous on them? I’ve thought long and hard about this challenge and I’ve decided to wear more of the clothing I sell. I am a pint size 155cm tall, and I suppose in order to convince my target audience to trust my business, I’ll have to be the clothes horse.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see daily pictures of the styles. Wish me luck!

Summer Summer Time…



Summer has arrived! Finally! And it brought with it Wimbledon, holidays, evening entertaining and a general buzz. Along. This must be our hottest and June/July on record.

This summer Miss Williams will be launching a rail at the fabulous south spa and beauty salon; Style Essence, 3 Sandhurst Road, SE6. We also be rebranding  and showcasing some new fun summer / autumn styles not found on the high street!

Launch date will be announce over the next few day…

Leading up the launch we are offering customers 20% off items. So get shopping!  🙂

Fashionable Summer Time

Summer has arrived! Finally! And with it Wimbledon, holidays, evening entertaining and a general buzz in the air. Along with the heat, a flurry of shopping. This must be our hottest June/July on record.

Miss Williams is welcoming some changes to our look. This summer we will be unveiling our new logo and we are renaming too.  We want to thank everyone of our followers and supporters over the last couple years. To celebrate this milestone; we have decided to launch our first ever rail at Style Essence, 3 Sandhurst Road, SE6 in August, Hoorah!


2-12th of July – For all you Audrey Hepburn admirers and fanatics out there, you will definitely want to take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery in Leicester Square. The twentieth century most enduring style icon will be displayed on the screen, as part of the summer show charts! If you’re lucky, you can view some personal and rare snaps -plus some juicy behind-the-scenes shots! Ends in October… so no rush!

17-23rd –“Camden Beach” on the terrace at the Roundhouse, which consist of: 150 tonnes of sand; deck chairs; ping pong and most importantly… a FULLY stocked bar! Get your towel and grab the lotion… time to hit the beach! Unfortunately, there isn’t a seaweed infested harbour, but at least you can eat your grub without a sea-gull attack!

Saturday 25th of July – Do you want your children to engage in their creative side? Allow them to run wild, while you find yourself a nice pub? Then get yourself and the kids over to the Archkids website and discover the different locations of this fun festival! Some of the most iconic buildings in the city are opening to provide workshops and activities that will encourage children to explore aspects of design and construction! Sounds like fun right?

Pop up Rail…


In June we will be showing off some of your best summer styles at Style Essence in Catford. More news on dates coming soon…

Win £50 Gift Card









Win £50 gift card from Miss Williams Fashion! You will be able to purchase items form all collections online. Follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Simply LIKE this post and you will be entered for a chance to win. One lucky person will be chosen. Contest ends 31 May 2015.

Spring Pop Up Coming Soon!!

Vintage A-line deminWe are excited to have been invited back to do a pop up shop at 91 Peckham High Street. We will have some new and exciting items to sell as well as some amazing discounts will be offered.

casual lapel shirt powder pink

We will be showcasing the very best of the Miss Williams range, we’ve got everything you need for spring and summer, from cute vintage skirts  and day dresses, to killer wedges and statement bags and accessories. Dates coming soon!

Zendaya:Looks That Awed Us

From Disney star to trendsetter, Zendaya sets the bar high in several eye-popping and simply drop dead gorgeous trends.

zendaya-23_347x520_64 zendaya-34_347x520_21 zendaya-36_347x520_37 zendaya-40_347x520_7 zendaya-39_347x520_20 zendaya-27_347x520_95

How to Wear Shoes

How to Wear Shoes
THINK  BALANCE: As women we adore shoes. When feeling down, purchasing a pair instantly lifts the mood and feeling great makes you want to take a trip to your favourite shoe store. On special occasions, something special to wear is a must.

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Dresses for Work

Dresses for Work
For those days when you just can’t face another blouse-and-pants work outfit, miss williams petites presents ever-feminine, ever-chic dresses. You can go simple with new neutral designs, or add  punch with patterns.

Flower print dress

Leaf dress

Half sleeve dress

Floral print dress

Poofy Rihanna

Poof RiRi

Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty images



On Grammys night, Rihanna looked gorgeous is this poofy confection by Giambattista. Hmmm, thinking fairy cakes. LOVE IT!

Cute Look of The Day

Cute Look of The Day
Fall in love with this red long-sleeve diamond patterned knit jumper. It will take from autumn through to winter.
Perfect colour come Christmas season. Stay Cozy, whilst brightening up the room.

It’s still winter… keep warm with new styles

Miss Williams Petites online store is offering all its followers 30% off all orders. 


casual lapel shirt powder pink sleeveless fur vest apricot

batwing loose coat 1350546041122735182

Use code: NRREGUZU87GMUntil 31 January 2015


The difference between a jumpsuit, playsuit & romper

Playsuits, jumpsuits and rompers have become massively popular in last few years. What was once a selective trend is now worn by celebrities and consumers alike. Wearing a jumpsuit, playsuit or romper is super easy and can be dressed up or down. If you are unsure which one may be most suitable for you, take a look at our guide to the hottest trend in fashion.


image002 (1)

A jumpsuit is an item of clothing that incorporates a top and trousers in one. Jumpsuits can be worn on a number of occasions whether formal or informal. When it comes to choosing a jumpsuit it’s important to find one with the correct fit for your shape. Jumpsuits that are too tight are not only uncomfortable but can be highly unflattering.

If they’re too big, they can swamp your shape of make you look bigger than you actually are. Look for one that accentuates the waist, perhaps with colour or a belt. Also look at pant length and shape. If your pear shaped or curvy, go for styles that have wider legs in order to help balance your shape. When you’re wearing one for evening, shopping or special occasions make sure it’s easy to remove as you’ll need to be able to undo it easily if you need a toilet break. 

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How Should A Petite Woman With Curves Dress?

Regardless of your shape and size, knowing what clothes suit you will help you to make the most of your figure. Many stores, such as Miss Williams sell clothes that cater for petite women with curves. To find the best clothes to flatter your shape, follow our helpful tips below and you’ll soon be on your way to achieving your perfect wardrobe.

What NOT To Wear

Full Length Coats

Full length coats tend to suit taller women better. On shorter women, they swamp your shape and accentuate your small height. Choose shorter styles of coats – something above the knee is best to compliment your frame. For flattering coats, go for styles that are belted or single breasted for simplicity yet not over fitted.

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Famous Petite Celebrities Who Pull Off Petite Fashion Well

Magazines nowadays are packed with women over six feet tall, with endless limbs and lithe physiques – but Miss Williams says you don’t need to have the figure of a supermodel to pull off a myriad of fashion-forward looks. Take it from these petite fashionistas, whose wardrobes are the envy of all!


Eva Longoria

At 1.57cm, the diminutive star of Desperate Housewives has perfected glamorous style, nailing a myriad of off-duty and red carpet looks. When she’s promoting films or speaking out as an advocate of one of her favourite charities, Eva likes to go for form-fitting dresses – often courtesy of best friend Victoria Beckham. When she’s running errands around LA, she chooses boyfriend jeans and the coolest of accessories – with heels, of course!

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Social Responsibility: Bottega Veneta


Ever wondered how some of the well-known fashion brands spend their money?

Besides reinvesting in new designs & product development and expensive ad campaigns, I’ve found out some Brands that put some money being their social responsibility policies. I will share these with you throughout the week. Here’s the first.

#Bottega Veneta’s history / identity are linked close to the Veneto region in the northeast of Italy… the heart of its social initiatives. In 2011 the brand assisted in launching the Women’s Mountain Cooperatives – a charity that benefits a large number of women who are in unemployment in the Alto Astico and Posina mountain. They’ve helped build two artisan #leather-making workshops and each employ 30 people. 2012 saw the brand financed a three-month cause in bag design and product development, was gave students from IUAV university in Venice the opportunity to attend and three students from Japan who was affected by the tsunami. New courses kicks off in Jan 2015.

Makes you think as an individual, what can I do? What little thing can I do everyday to show social responsibilities. So as you go about your day, think socially and give something back.


Black Friday Magic

Happy #blackfriday! Our online boutique is offering 25% off all orders! Discount code:


Happy shopping!

Dizzy Dresses

Petite Black and Yellow autumn dress  Petite printed winter dress  printed full length dress Jacquard Dress


Wow, ladies… These dresses are really intense and hectic. They’re not your normal prints. They’re more, trippy, stripy and if you look and look and look deep into the swirly patterns and tumble along you might see the future!

 Floral flare dressBluepuffsleevedressapricotsleeveless floralfloral rufflehem dress  

Or Rosetta. Or Mr Tumnus. Or you might find the answers to all your Boardroom/ luncheon /party-dress dilemmas, because boy do these dresses tick the boxes. Get busy, fizzy or dizzy with these babies this autumn winter!


Items You Should Have In Your Wardrobe This Winter

Petie Loose fit Cable jumper

It’s time to get ready for winter, and what better way to do it than to invest in a few key pieces for your new winter wardrobe. When deciding on what staple pieces you need this season, it is important to think about what particular looks suit you, and how to get the best value for your money by buying pieces that can be interchanged with each other to make a whole host of different outfits. High-quality online retailers such as Miss Williams have a huge variety of gorgeous clothes to choose from – the key is to have fun with your outfits and enjoy what you’re wearing.

So to make it a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some staple items that should be seen in every girl’s wardrobe this winter.


Diane Von Fürstenberg on Inspiration and Confidence

“One should never give a women anything she can’t wear in the morning.” – Oscar Wilde


So I can across this little Q&A with Diane Von Fürstenberg, and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Q: What was your inspiration for the wrap dress?

A: I was really very young, in my early twenties. I worked in and Italian factory and I loved printed jersey. It started as a little wrap top like a ballerina would wear, and then one day I just had this idea to make it into a dress.

It is the most traditional dress, like a kimono, but it was revolutionary because it was made out of jersey and it was tight to the body.

Q: What is your secret to staying young?

A: I love life and I live it fully.

Q: What is your favourite item of clothing?

A: Whatever I am wearing at the moment. There is that moment in the morning when you put on the right thing and it somehow feels like the right thing.

Q: The secret to style?

A: you have to figure out where you are going and what yo have to do and then just go for it.

This year the wrap dress turned 40 years old, and it’s still a go to piece for most women. It’s classic, comfortable and very feminine.

We niBrMe6iA the wrap dress 🙂

More to Christmas Jumpers than Snowmen and Reindeer…

More to Christmas Jumpers than Snowmen and Reindeer…
Christmas is coming, and the stores are busy stocking their shelves with treats and temptations ready for the holiday season.Now might be the time for your thinking about your winter wardrobe, and how you can dress for the season without looking like a fully decked out Christmas tree.There really is.
Just because you are looking for jumpers close to Christmas, doesn’t mean that they need to be covered in snowmen, reindeer and old St Nick.Granted, there’s always a space in everybody’s wardrobe for a little novelty, but for now it’s time to look for a stylish, chic wardrobe wonder that can be worn all winter long.

Electric Blue Sweater

Bandage Jumper

Khaki Knit Jumper

Shoulder Embellished Sweater

Petite Red Winter Jumper

The Birkin History

Jane Mallory Birkin, OBE (born 14 December 1946) is an English actress and singer based in France.

She is perhaps best known for her relationship with Serge Gainsbourgin the 1970s and being the namesake of the popular Hermes Birkin bag.


Hermès Ostrich Birkin Bag

It came about in 1981, Hermès  when the chief executive, at the time, Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. Birkin placed her straw bag in the overhead compartment of her seat, but the contents fell to the floor, leaving her scrambling to collect the contents. She explained to Dumas how  difficult  it is to find a leather weekend bag she liked. In 1984, he created a black supple leather bag for her: the Birkin bag,based on a 1982 design. She used the bag for herself for quite some time until developing tendinitis, switching to other types at that point.

How amazing it would be to have something that timeless named after you or created for you.

I say this week go out there and be an inspiration and create!

Miss Williams Pop up Shop

Bonjour! We do hope that you’re having a wonderful day.

It’s been an exciting week for Miss Williams Petites, as we’ve opened second pop up at The Artworks!

Showcasing the very best of the Miss Williams Petities range, we’ve got everything you need for the autumn winter season.  Come down and check out our array of unique winter jackets, dresses, trousers, jumpers, sweaters, killer wedges and much more! Continue reading

Happy Halloween!


It’s October 31st already! I can’t believe it. It’s so very true what they say that time flies. I hope everyone has been having fun though, and accomplishing their goals and dreams they’ve set for 2014. Just 2 more months to go.  Continue reading

Something Wicked For Devils Night?

Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead.”– Susan Catherine

seeing red

Knock-’em-dead Evening dress:

You just need one.

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Featured in A Girls World Online Magazine

Where Can I Find The Best Petite Ladies Fashion Online? | a girls world.

Dressing a petite figure can be challenging. Many shorter women find it difficult to find fashionable clothes that really compliment their height. Miss Williams is an online boutique that specialises in selling petite ladies clothing. Every garment is hand-picked by the Miss Williams especially. The creator of the company is an avid blogger who regularly writes about petite fashion and really knows her stuff when it comes to dressing well as a shorter lady.

Blazing The Seasons

A tailored blazer is versatile, trans-seasonal and a must have for ones wardrobe. You can wear it at the office, when you want to elevate the t-shirt and jeans look, and adds a pinch of of elegance when paired with a dress.

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How To Shop Petite

“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” — Epictetus

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I wanted to share three clever fashion tips to add a few inches

to create a tall look (if you want)


1. Go Full-length

Yes, petite ladies can wear floor-kissing skirts and dresses.

Makes us look taller!

go short

2. Go Short

If you’re petite —when it comes to skirts and dresses—you should either go floor length,

or super-short (try to calf-length and knee-lengths).

Mini-skirts creates the illusion of a longer leg.

flare jeans

3. Go Flare

Fitted jeans with a flare at the bottom create the illusion of longer legs. You want  the hem hitting top of your shoes (heels, of course!).

Top tip: keep the fit of the jean super-slim through the leg, and waistband hits your natural waist.


Shearling Staples To Keep You Toasty

Has a woman who know she was well-dressed ever caught a cold?” Friedrich Nietzsche



 Knit-Fury Coat


Fashion lint thick even cap overcoat

  sweet irregular fluffy long sleeve coat


Go to our outwear section and get 50% off!


Clutterer Or Hoarder?


Many of us fret about whether we are a clutterer or a hoarder and feel quite overwhelmed by our clutter. We worry that we’ve good a  little too far and won’t be able to clear out, don’t despair! Only 1% of us are actual hoarders… we’re probably just a little messy and disorganised when it comes to our closets, that’s all. I we can still sleep in our beds, use the bathroom, kitchen and the other rooms, good news… we’re not hoarders! Anyway here are the comparisons….

You’re a clutterer when you:

get overwhelmed with the mess

need a reason before tackling the mess

find excuses not to deal with the untidiness

realise you can’t find a place to put anything

don’t make drama when ditching stuff

You’re a hoarder when:

you don’t notice the sheer scale of the problem

you have duplicates, triplicates or collections of many items

your stuff take over the whole house

the problem has escalated over many years

the mess takes over your life

Have nothing in your house hat you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful“–Williams Morris


Barbie Lagerfeld


I know, none of us ever imagined that this would actually happened, but alas it has. Mattel have teamed with Karl Lagerfeld  and release last month this  barbie made in the great designers own image. On released day Net-a-Porter is said to have sold $200k worth of the dolls!

I wonder if he’s designed one in petite size 🙂


Paris Fashion…Oh my!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West landed in Paris for Paris Fashion week, presumably where they’ll be taking in the shows over the next week.

kimk and kanyePhoto: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Autumn Give Away….

Bonjour Petites Mesdemoiselles!

It sure feels like autumn, huh?  I have gradually started packing away my  summer apparels and said Au revoir été 😦


Never mind, autumn brings with it some wonderful and fashionable looks.

Follow us on Twitter from our website and 2 lucky ladies will win a printed long-sleeve top worth £30 ^_^!


Oversized Separates For Autumn / Winter…

“Has a women who knew she was well-dressed ever caught a cold?” — Friedrich Nietzsche

For the perfect understated look try our oversized jumpers, shirts and coats.

Petite bandage knit jumper

Petite single breasted Cape coat


loopy sweater

Go ahead and cocoon yourself!


Autumn is Lurking…

So start adding key pieces to your transitional wardrobe that will work well into autumn. Here are some trendy pieces to from our Miss Williams Petites collections.

1. Animal Print

animalprint skater skirttshirt white

2. Orange is the new black

orange pullover




cyclone cape cote


Fashion Week

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different“– Coco Chanel

This week is London Fashion Week but , here are some looks we LOVED from NYFW…






Keep It Simple…

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”— Leonardo Da Vinci


The Little Black Dress

It’s mysterious, understated, seductive and chic. It gives you the never-ending elegant look. It’s the dress that all make you stand out and flatter your look. It’s time less and slimming!

  Tom Leighton Photography


Blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity“–Yves Saint Laurent

Denim gives a girl the aura of instant style!


Ballet Flats

There are times (few and far between) when a girls got to give up her high heels for practical reasons: driving, mad dashes airports, shopping and running after the kids.


Keep It Tucked In…

A beautiful thing is not perfect —Anonymous

Tailor your trousers
and skirts so they fit snugly on your natural waist or hip bones

Shirts tend to come untucked or billow up because the waistband on your skirts or trousers are too loose, which allows for a shirt to come untucked because a) there’s a large gap and/or b) because the waistband of your skirt or trousers is sliding up and down.


If that’s the case, get yourself a good tailor. Seriously, it’s one of the best things you can do for your appearance.  Your skirts will stay put if you tailor them to cinch at your natural waist and graduate out towards your hips; rectangular or tubed-shaped skirts will simply ride up and down.


Trousers and jeans you’ll want to tailor at your natural waist (if they’re high-waisted) or your hips (if they are mid/low) — a belt will keep them extra snug.





Petite Confidence…

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” – Oscar De La Renta

The first step to developing your own style is projecting confidence  – believe me I had to learn this and I am still learning! The kind that subtle tells the world that you have self respect, self love and dress for yourself. When you know who you are style just flows and please note: it does not come from being taller, prettier, fairer, darker, thinner or shorter.


A confident woman loves everything about herself. Love your flaws and all. Hold your head up high, in fact flaunt your flaws, don’t hide them away because it’s what makes you different and stand out.


Remember… you’re a godsend, and that makes you a goddess , so start today and treat yourself suitably so. How, you ask?

Start adoring yourself the same way you’re in awe of the flowers, the sunset, the moon. All these were made by god and so are you, right?


Pamper yourself, wear clothes that make you feel great, wear an amazing perfume. Do anything that makes you feel fabulous on the inside.

Give someone a compliment and

Smile more


Petite Style Influence…

It’s always supercool when you find petite women who are movers and shakers in fashion and business.

This week we’ve picked our two fashionable petite women who dress to impress.

“Those who do not want to imitate anything produce nothing” – Salvador Dalí


Get the Look – Here


Get the Look – Here


Get the Look – Here


Get the Look – Here

We could see ourselves wearing each and every featured outfit… Quels est votre préféré?

Bon weekend tout le monde!


Yellow Things….

Yellow always makes us smile. It symbolises the sun. I know, florals and whites are also VERY summer.

Here’s our summer yellows…get them whilst stock last!

Tom Leighton Photography

The Panel Skirt – Buy it Here

colourblock slipons

Colour block – Buy it Here

Tom Leighton Photography

The Fashionista – Buy it Here

stitched yellow loafers

The Loafers – Buy it Here

denim strapless dress

Mixed Blessings – Buy it Here

Tom Leighton Photography

The Tux – Buy it Here

” A beautiful thing is not perfect.” Logo1

It’s Hot… It Must Be Summer…

Our one of a kind summer dresses are going fast.  The weather has been so amazing this season we think these dress are brill. Get yours

“Be yourself, no matter what they say” – Sting


The Floor Length – Buy it here

floral rufflehem dressSummer Ruffles – Buy it here


The Puff Sleeve – Buy it Here


Embroidery Dress – Buy it here

This month we are offering 50% off all dress use code: R6LL3I7QA12B

Happy Shopping!


Pop of Colour Friday…

Pop of Colour Friday...
Bonjour toute le Monde, bon weekend!

Bright handbag

Luxurious Mary Janes

Floral Ruffle Dress

Simple Monday…

Simple Monday

Laced top


Cutout Platform Sandals

Shapes of Petite Women…


The Hour Glass is equally balanced on top and bottom; that is, bust measurement and hip measurement are about the same; with  a defined waistline. It’s considered to be the ideal figure type.

triangle figure

The triangle-shaped figure have proportionally smaller busts and/or narrower shoulders and larger hips and/or thighs when compared to women who have hourglass figures. Also known as a pear-shaped figure, the triangle-shaped figure is the most common figure type for women. When dressing for a triangle-shaped figure  select clothes that draws attention to the bust, creates a defined waistline, and minimises hips and thighs.


intreverted triangle

The inverted triangle-shaped figure has proportionally smaller hips and/or thighs and larger bust and/or wider shoulders when compared to a woman who has an hourglass figure. The inverted triangle is not a common figure type; however, with the popularity of bust enhancement by plastic surgery, it’s becoming more common. When dressing for an inverted triangle-shaped figure means selecting clothes that minimises the bust and creates a defined waistline. Otherwise, you runs the risk of looking too top-heavy.



The rectangle figure have relatively equal bust and hip measurements, just as a woman who has an hourglass shape does. However, a rectangle-shaped figure doesn’t have a defined waistline. There’s little difference in waist measurement when compared to bust and/or hip measurements, so the rectangle shape is more or less straight up and down. It’s sometimes called an apple when the waist measurement is larger than the bust and/or hip measurement. The challenge for women who have a rectangle shape is to create the illusion of a defined waistline, which will make them look more like they have an hourglass shape.

Three Wardrobes Must-Haves…

Slim lapel double-breated coatfrnt

The trench coat is something you can wear to the grocery store or to the opera


A classic blazer is an easy way to dress up the ubiquitous T-shirt and jeans combination.

sexy mesh dress

A simple black dress is also a must-have for any woman.

The Pursuit of Happiness | Sorority Wisdom – Inspirational Women Sharing Female Knowledge


The Pursuit of Happiness | Sorority Wisdom – Inspirational Women Sharing Female Knowledge.

Bon Week-end…

Bon Week-end...

The week-end is here! another opportunity to reflect on the past week and look back at what I’ve set out to accomplished and what I’ve failed to accomplished. New week around the corner… new goals and successes. Stay motivated and edify yourselves at every opportunity.

Miss Williams Petites

How to dress: be prepared to ruffle a few feathers | Fashion | The Guardian


How to dress: be prepared to ruffle a few feathers | Fashion | The Guardian.

Adding a ruffle to an outfit is like tying a ribbon around a box: it transforms your perception of what lies beneath. Effort has been invested into making this package appealing. To create a ruffle, you need to use more fabric than is strictly necessary, and that’s the whole point. A ruffle is anti-utilitarian, which is why it is popular on the red carpet, where women are essentially gift-wrapped.


Petite regard de la journée…

IMG_3439 IMG_3446

Jumper – Miss Williams Petites: Skirt – Miss Williams: Boots – United colours of Benetton: Coat: Old

London Fashion Week…

London fashion week


The colours are just amazing…

In Two Minds…

In Two Minds...
I hope you all have a wonderful day today. Use your imagination, intuition, and creativity and inspiration for new things that could be filling your heart and brain. You’ll be all too happy to discuss your ideas with anyone who shows an interest.

You have to always be in two minds.Today as I was making these sets I had no idea what i wanted to put together, I just went ahead and created something anyway. My mantra is ‘just do it’! Yep even if you don’t feel like it and in two minds about something… just do something…

Sleeve dress

Hooded coat


Cocoa Skinnies

Looking for Spring…

Looking for Spring...
The sun came out of hibernation this past weekend, the bright rays of light gave hope that spring is on the way. We’re excited by the prospect of warmer weather and ditching multiple layers too much laundry). With destroyed jeans, light shirts and bright coloured jackets playing on the mind come visit us

Vintage dress

Lace up top

Miss Williams Petites


London Fashion Week / Fall 2014 | Fashionista


London Fashion Week / Fall 2014 | Fashionista.

BAFTA Style…


 Lupita Nyong’o looked absolutely stunning at last night’s awards in London. What a beauty…

Happy Valentines Day ❤ …


Whatever you do today… Do it with love ❤ XO ❤

Sunday Style…ssh…


Approach every situation with savvy sophistication when you slip your toes into these confidently detailed loafers! Sporting this timeless loafer silhouette, camel-brown trim, and chunky heel with contrast, this refined design is ready for a day at the office and every elegant event after.

Cosy Knitwear….

elbow-sleeve-smocked-waist-furry-tunicbatwing heavy sweater apricot back

Well you know it’s winter when you start feel in that little tickle in your throat that birthing a cold or flu. Yup…We are in the thick of it now, you better get out your warm comfy knit or why not treat yourself to one of ours.

Spring 2014 Couture Runway Photos – Fashion


Spring 2014 Couture Runway Photos – Fashion.

Miss Williams Petites… 35% off


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I am… More…

I am...
Today, be whatever you want to be. Today is the day you makeup your mind to love yourself more, achieve more, succeed more, smile more, give compliments more, show your loved ones you love and appreciate them more, be a better employee, study more, respect yourself more, respect others more. After all, as a women you have to be more of everything! :))

Sleeve dress

Wool coat

Flat shoes

Bright colored handbag

Mid-week goings-on…


Last weekend I went to Madrid with work. It was interesting for me as I’ve never been to Madrid, or Spain for that matter. It was our company’s annual trip to a European city to gawk at it’s architecture and indulge in whatever else it had to offer.

Me, being the one who’s had to organise it all, had to deal with any fiasco that pokes its ugly head,whilst in the foreign city. I’ve never spoken so much Spanglish in my life! Es muy bueno… After the weekend Je suis très fatigué!

Then it was straight into my BA course and I have tons of reading to do. My blog post will be few and far between… 😦

À toute à l’heure


Tuesday Blues…

Tuesday Blues...

The days are getting shorter and shorter. Winter is approaching in what it seems as lightening speed! Morning arrives but without the sunshine glow that summer gave it.

This very morning I wanted summer back, but wait, awesome autumn is in play. The trees will bring beautiful yellows, green, orange, browns, reds and purple. The crisp air and most importantly my son’s 10th birthday. And for those who celebrate it, (kids?) Halloween…

Have a happy day and look a the positives xx

Fall into October…

Fall into October

Today it’s rainy and a little dark in London. But it’s the beginning of Awesome Autumn. The trees are changing colours and the leaves are falling… It gives me a sense of renewal and change. I’m spending the day with my two favourite people… I feel so lucky

I hope each of you are doing something amazing and fulfilling… I think if you do one thing each day that makes us feel accomplished it’s an achievement. Whether it’s spending ten minutes with your child playing, giving up your seat for someone who needs it. Or not being mad if someone cuts you off whilst driving… C’est la vie!

Have a fab weekend x