How do you like dem apples! These little beauts rank number one on our list of satiating foods. Apples contain a secret-weapon when it comes to slowing digestion and creating that full feeling for longer—it’s called pectin. According to nutritionists at Tufts University, pectin in a whole apple is more filling than the equivalent amount of fruit in juice. After all it takes effort (just ask your jaw) to devour an apple so your brain and body have adequate time to register a feeling of hunger satisfaction. Continue reading



Boldly leading the beauty conversation in 2017 was the launch of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s all-shades-included brand. Continue reading


pediSandal season seem to have arrived in London Town! And we definitely do not want to strut around  feeling self-conscious showing off our heels and toes. Getting someone else to do our pedicures are always treat, but sometimes time and budget constraints can make  it hard to keep up.  I certainly  DIM (Do It Myself) in the comfort of my own home to keep my  feet prepped and polished in all their summer-loving glory 🙂 Click on for more… Continue reading

The Avocado


So, I really really love avocado. When I was growing up in Grenada we had an avocado tree (pear tree in the yard and I took this super food for granted for so many years.

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For Long Hair. Start by lightly curling hair with a two-inch barrel, then use a texturizing spray to achieve a lived-in look. Create a deep side part and braid hair into a fishtail then secure with an elastic. Pull shorter layers out of the braid to give it a messier final look.

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Cucumber is virtually a cure-all full of hydrating enzyme-filled water, and hydration is key for youthful, smooth skin. They also contain vitamins B and C, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium. And it has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why you put the chilled slices over your eyes for a DIY spa treatment!

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Celebrity Beauty Looks To Copy

One of the many perks of being a starlet is having renowned makeup artists and hairstylists at your beck and call. Wherever these It girls go, their skin is flawless and their tresses are enviably coiffed. While we may not have a glam team on speed dial, we can still get inspired by their gorgeous beauty looks and try them out for ourselves. Ahead, get our tips on how to pull off six of this week’s top celebrity hair and makeup ideas.

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