Photo by Natalian Williams

Life is constant growth. We have to be able perform, keeping our life on schedule, keep commitment and promises and meeting deadlines are essential to success. Who wants a life that is controlled by someone else or even our own emotions.IMG_1397

Some of us wait to do things when we feel like it and some of us do things until we feel it. If we don’t have discipline, we get no value of anything. Train your mind and body – organise yourself to get things done. It’s personal choices – getting up early, doing what you need to do everyday and staying focus and never losing site of your target.


Self-discipline is necessary for everything we do, it is not punishment, it’s training. Goals cannot be achieved without discipline. Here are some tips we can use on the daily to help us improve our self-discipline:

  1. Remove temptation
  2. Eat healthy and regularly
  3. Don’t wait for it to feel right
  4. Schedule breaks, rewards and treats
  5. Forgive yourself and move on