Almonds are high in potassium and B vitamins, which help our nervous systems to relax (super-sleep snack tip) Spread some almond butter on toast with banana slices (another sleep all-star)


Bananas, like almonds, are packed with B complex vitamins and potassium, making them one of Wrobel’s favorite “insomnia-fighting ingredients.” It’s also a natural muscle relaxant.


Brown rice is awesome because it contains GABA, which is a natural Ambien. If you’ve never heard of GABA (you’re definitely not alone on that one), you may want to get familiar with the amino acid. GABA—aka gamma-amino butyric acid—calms the nervous system and works almost like a natural, super-mellow tranquilizer.


Cherries allow the body to release melatonin, because it promotes a cycle of falling asleep and waking up naturally. As in, the fruit will help you recalibrate the body when you’re dealing with a bout of jet lag.


bowl of chickpea

Chickpeas boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin. This legume has deep sleep-inducing qualities. Munching on chickpeas throughout the day will help your body and your nervous system relax come bedtime, too.


Magnesium deficiency is a major cause of insomnia. Good thing this dark, leafy green is packed with the mineral. Yet another reason to throw some kale in to your daily smoothie.



Sure, it’s a breakfast staple—but oatmeal will help you get your snooze on, too. Oats aid the body in releasing sleep hormones (think melatonin, yet again).

Walnuts with leaf

Walnuts are a great source of tryptophan, which is a sleep-enhancing amino acid. In the brain, tryptophan is converted to serotonin, which induces sleep. Pop a few after dinner to get the body snooze-ready.