Being Mindful About Money…


No-one likes to talk about it! We feel uncomfortable with it, we feel guilty spending it, we feel bad for not saving it, we feel shame when we have it. When we earn high salaries, we feel like we don’t deserve them. When we earn low salaries we’re scared to ask for more.
We all have different behaviour and belief systems when it comes to money. Much of this has been handed down to us from our parents, and the financial circumstances of the environment we grew up in.


Some tips for dealing with money issues:

Start being proactive and set aside some time each day to tackle your finances
Track your spending with a spreadsheet and budget – each month should have a P&L of all incomings and outgoings
Pay off your credit card every month!
If you have a significant other / spouse consider getting a joint account so you can’t hide unnecessary spending
Set up an ISA – they are tax-free!
Sell your old stuff
Finally, if you are really bad with money, work out how much cash you need for the week, take it out from the machine and monitor what you spend. It’s good to have cash visibly in your hands, and it is a simple way to keep an eye on your spending habits.