The Remarkable Vogue Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

This exhibition has been organised by the National Portrait Gallery,

London in collaboration with British Vogue as part of the magazine’s centenary celebrations.


Demarchelier, Tim Walker, Lara Stone, Mario Testino, Kate Moss?

 If these names say something to you, you are probably one of the aficionados of most influential fashion bible in the world: Vogue.

The magazine that has endured two World Wars, swinging London, the hippy years and the bold 80s is now celebrating its 100th anniversary

 (without a single wrinkle!) with an exposition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Did you know? British Vogue was created in 1916 to meet the needs of the fashionistas of the time, as deliveries coming from the U.S. during World War II were blocked.

Everyday from 10am to 6pm, Thursdays and Fridays to 9pm, until 22 May 2016.

Entry fee:  £15.50


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National Portrait Gallery

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