How Do You Start Mondays…

hello Monday exclamation handwritten on chalkboard with heart symbol instead of O

Monday is our opportunity to start the week off positively.
Going into Monday with the right attitude will set you up for a week of success.
Instead of dreading Mondays imagine them to be fabulous.

Some attitudes to adapt to make Mondays brilliant

1388769609-let-go-keep-simple-move-quickly-secrets-being-productive-entrepreneur-infographic-3Plan the night before
Start changing your thoughts by Sunday night. Get back into ‘work mode’ think positively about Monday.
It may be a struggle, but changing our train of thoughts will be a big help.


Get up early and do some exercise.
I find doing some sit-ups, push-ups, and stretching for about 15 minutes always help to put me in a positive frame of mind.
Sometimes I throw in some jumping jacks :-).

14-miroslava-duma-new-york-str-rs14-5377The Outfit
Pick an outfit that makes you feel great. It’s comfortable and you are not worried about it.


Listen to your favourite songs / artists on your journey in to work.
I love to listen to Jessie J on Mondays.If I listen to something uplifting and upbeat, it actually feels like Friday, not Monday!
So create a Monday playlist to beat the blues.

4942c6d7ecac6544fa9cddb7877486e5Like-minded people
Hang out with your favourite person at work.
Perhaps you can make it so that you meet them for a quick coffee and a chat before heading into the workplace. That always help!


Choose Food Wisely
Eat a healthy breakfast. Yes, that will set you up for he day.
I like to have lemon juice with hot water to start (it’s like a cleanse), then I move on to eat my breakfast.

Leave early
In addition, leave the house 15 minutes early to avoid the rush.

Happy Monday! X