This Week’s TV Guide

Wednesday 25th November


The Supervet, 8pm / Channel4

Return of the documentary following the work of `Bionic Vet’ Noel Fitzpatrick and his team at a pioneering veterinary practice. Maya, a blue Russian cat, is brought into the surgery with a shattered jaw after a dog attack, and a man living in a homeless shelter brings in his best friend Spud, a Labrador cross with a lame back leg.

Thursday 26th November


The World’s Most Expensive Food, 9pm / Channel 4 

While most people buy their food in the supermarket, Britain’s growing number of billionaires use a private network of luxury food suppliers. This documentary sees how they cater to their super-rich clients in a world untouched by austerity.

Friday 27th November

The Woman in Black, 9pm / E5


Horror thriller starring Daniel Radcliffe. Young solicitor Arthur Kipps is sent to examine documentation left by a recently deceased woman. When he arrives at the isolated Eel Marsh House, Arthur, who is still tormented by the death in childbirth of his wife four years earlier, discovers that the property holds a dark secret.


Gogglebox, 9pm / Channel 4 

The nation’s favourite armchair critics share their opinions on what they have been watching during the week. The programme captures their instant reactions and lively – sometimes emotional – discussions from the comfort of their own homes.

Saturday 8th November


Grand Designs House Of The Year, 8pm / Channel 4 

Kevin McCloud visits three more houses competing for a place on the finalist shortlist, including a timber and steel clad home in Dungeness, a pink brick house in Belfast, and an 18th century converted mill in rural Scotland.

Sunday 29th November


The Hunt, 9pm / BBC2

Examining animals on the hunt in deserts and grasslands, where prey has nowhere to hide – but neither do predators, making the element of surprise difficult to come by. Cheetahs use their unmatched speed to solve this problem, while lions have learned to use desert storms to conceal their approach and caracals are able to blend into the tall dry grass.