The Business of Me

My Day

Wake-up 4.30am


First thing I do in the morning? Give thanks to the Almighty, then Coffee!


Morning ritual? I read for 30 mins whilst I have my coffee.  At 5am I blog and do some work, prepare lunches. At 6am wake up the boy and at 6.30 am we have breakfast. 7am we leave the house for work and school. 8am get in the office and work until 6.15pm, 7pm get home, give the boy a massive bear hug and kisses – he’s almost 12 but loves my hugs and kisses 🙂


7.30pm eat dinner and discuss the day and tell jokes. 8.30pm Check the boy’s homework whilst listening to him practice the guitar. 9pm kiss the boy good night and tell him how much I love him, then I do some more work until 11pm.