Selling Petite Sizes

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In the past few of years, it’s become abundantly clear to retailers that the plus-size market is underserved, which resulted in major growth opportunity. But there is another niche size category that should be given more attention — petites.


The average woman in the UK is 5’3 or 161.6 cm.” Petite-sized clothing is typically designed for a max height of 5’3” (sometimes 5’4”), depending on the company. Straight-size clothing is typically designed for women at a minimum height 5’5″. But still, only a small number of retailers are selling petite-sized clothing.


As a 5’1” lady, this is a personal issue. I’ve taken to working to creating my online store. In the past few months I’ve been measuring all different shapes and height of petite sizes to get more accurate about what we offer at Miss Williams Fashion. I think as petites it is so important to get clothes that flatter us in order to feel confident and that we’ve spent our money well.

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