Working Mum and The Selfie

Every woman wants to be a fashionista in today’s social media-crazed world. We take selfies galore –I I was any good at it I’d be posting more selfies too– pouting of the lips the bathroom shots…which I think it’s quite sad–taking selfies in public toilets, to me is inelegant.

As a single working mum and business woman I tend to not have time to take many selfies. In the mornings when I’m ready for work– it’s a dash out front (sometimes even a sprint) whilst hurrying up the boy. Cause I have to catch that train. Being a senior staff in the work place means you are to get in early or as least on time!!!

Some mornings after I’m ready for the day, I think “ooh you look great, it would be super to take a photo and post it so everyone can see how fabulous I look! But then no time to take a gazillion selfies until I find that perfect one that makes me look like I’m the dogs bollocks… Cause it does take time to get the blue steel shot. Taking selfies is time consuming and should be done when one is on holiday or on a sparce weekend and you just have nothing to do.