Fashionable Summer Time

Summer has arrived! Finally! And with it Wimbledon, holidays, evening entertaining and a general buzz in the air. Along with the heat, a flurry of shopping. This must be our hottest June/July on record.

Miss Williams is welcoming some changes to our look. This summer we will be unveiling our new logo and we are renaming too.  We want to thank everyone of our followers and supporters over the last couple years. To celebrate this milestone; we have decided to launch our first ever rail at Style Essence, 3 Sandhurst Road, SE6 in August, Hoorah!


2-12th of July – For all you Audrey Hepburn admirers and fanatics out there, you will definitely want to take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery in Leicester Square. The twentieth century most enduring style icon will be displayed on the screen, as part of the summer show charts! If you’re lucky, you can view some personal and rare snaps -plus some juicy behind-the-scenes shots! Ends in October… so no rush!

17-23rd –“Camden Beach” on the terrace at the Roundhouse, which consist of: 150 tonnes of sand; deck chairs; ping pong and most importantly… a FULLY stocked bar! Get your towel and grab the lotion… time to hit the beach! Unfortunately, there isn’t a seaweed infested harbour, but at least you can eat your grub without a sea-gull attack!

Saturday 25th of July – Do you want your children to engage in their creative side? Allow them to run wild, while you find yourself a nice pub? Then get yourself and the kids over to the Archkids website and discover the different locations of this fun festival! Some of the most iconic buildings in the city are opening to provide workshops and activities that will encourage children to explore aspects of design and construction! Sounds like fun right?