How Should A Petite Woman With Curves Dress?

Regardless of your shape and size, knowing what clothes suit you will help you to make the most of your figure. Many stores, such as Miss Williams sell clothes that cater for petite women with curves. To find the best clothes to flatter your shape, follow our helpful tips below and you’ll soon be on your way to achieving your perfect wardrobe.

What NOT To Wear

Full Length Coats

Full length coats tend to suit taller women better. On shorter women, they swamp your shape and accentuate your small height. Choose shorter styles of coats – something above the knee is best to compliment your frame. For flattering coats, go for styles that are belted or single breasted for simplicity yet not over fitted.

Baggy Clothes

Baggy or oversized clothes are unflattering and can make you look shapeless. Try choosing more fitted styles. Colour blocking can help to give shape to your body. Pick fabrics that will accentuate your shape, such as crepe or scuba fabric that will enhance your figure.

High Necklines

If you have large bosoms, then high necklines are highly unflattering. Opt for scoop or V-necks instead which will compliment you in this area, and not make it look larger. Off the shoulder styles are also good options as they will demonstrate and draw attention to your collarbone.

Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes can make your body look wider than it actually is. If you want to wear stripes, look for vertical ones than elongate the body. Also stay away from brash, bold patterns and large polka dots that can make your shape look unbalanced and larger than it is. Stick to simple, subtle patterns that are not too overbearing. Keep embellishment to a minimum unless you want to accentuate your bust.

What To Wear

Semi Fitted Dresses

Choose styles that are semi fitted to make the most of your curves. Fitted styles can cling too much and baggy dresses can swamp your shape so choose a style that’s slightly fitted and skims your waistline. A wrap dress is the perfect shape as it’s not high-necked and not too fitted. Shirt dresses are also a good option as they will create a silhouette without over emphasising your curves.

Dark Boot Cut Trousers

Darker colours tend to make you look slimmer whilst boot cut styles help to balance out your hips. Avoid tight, fitted styles and light fabrics as these are normally unflattering on curvier and petite shapes. Also avoid pockets or details, such as embellishment near the hip and bum areas as these can make the area look bulky.

Emphasise Your Best Features

Use colours and accessories to make the most of your best features. If you have a narrow waist, look for belted styles to accentuate that area. If you have a slightly smaller bust then use colour and embellishment on or around your bust area to draw attention to it whilst keeping the focus away from other areas.

Once you follow these easy to follow steps, you will be strutting your stuff with style and making heads turn all over town!

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