Staying Connected


So, I’ve been thinking a lot about networking and how many should one attend per week. I’m not a good networker, but I am trying to up my game 🙂

The thing is… Where do you go to network that would be valuable. One does not want to waste valuable blogging time hanging out with a bunch of people who don’t know anymore than you do about the situation. I’ve read an article recently on Hugo Campbell-Davys (he’s  the god of networking and is super connected) and here are his networking pointers:

  • GO PREPARED – if you’re going to an art show, read up about the artist. A restaurant? Find out why the chef is special.
  • DON’T DANCE – huh? It wastes valuable networking time
  • NEVER GET DRUNK –  But always carry a full glass of champagne
  • PACK IN THE EVENTS – Three per night is sufficient
  • BE THE LAST ONE STANDING –  So you don’t miss out on the latecomers
  • So what do you guys think. Does he have good pointers? The three events per night might do me in…