Clutterer Or Hoarder?


Many of us fret about whether we are a clutterer or a hoarder and feel quite overwhelmed by our clutter. We worry that we’ve good a  little too far and won’t be able to clear out, don’t despair! Only 1% of us are actual hoarders… we’re probably just a little messy and disorganised when it comes to our closets, that’s all. I we can still sleep in our beds, use the bathroom, kitchen and the other rooms, good news… we’re not hoarders! Anyway here are the comparisons….

You’re a clutterer when you:

get overwhelmed with the mess

need a reason before tackling the mess

find excuses not to deal with the untidiness

realise you can’t find a place to put anything

don’t make drama when ditching stuff

You’re a hoarder when:

you don’t notice the sheer scale of the problem

you have duplicates, triplicates or collections of many items

your stuff take over the whole house

the problem has escalated over many years

the mess takes over your life

Have nothing in your house hat you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful“–Williams Morris



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