Barbie Lagerfeld


I know, none of us ever imagined that this would actually happened, but alas it has. Mattel have teamed with Karl Lagerfeld  and release last month this  barbie made in the great designers own image. On released day Net-a-Porter is said to have sold $200k worth of the dolls!

I wonder if he’s designed one in petite size 🙂


2 thoughts on “Barbie Lagerfeld

  1. laughterlovelife says:

    I love how MATEL have encorporated the desiginers into the BARBIE range , I love seeing all of the different collections available , pity my nieces are now older and have gone of Barbie , as a dotting uncle , big kid at heart and avid collector of all Iconic Toys , such as LEGO , TONKA TOYS , MATCHBOX TOY CARS and of course BARBIE , if I ever become a crazy old millionaire I am going to set up a toy museum , so kids in the future can see toys were not all computerised


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