The Importance of Shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” — Bette Midler


We think that one can never have too many high heels 🙂 Nah uh! When someone tries to tell us differently, we just smile and politely strut away.

monarch_Wingtip Heel

Having a great pair of heels can be a pretty powerful thing – it changes your posture, your attitude and mood. It can bring instantaneous fabulousness to a very drab outfit, and it makes your legs look better. Now that’s power, huh?

Tom Leighton Photography

Respect the shoe and start your dressing process with the shoe in mind and let your inspiration flow for the rest of the look!

Some quick tips: wear your size; get pedicures; don’t go too high (you will not be able to walk); watch your proportions