#thoughtoftheday: Be unique!

Bridgett Bardot, the ultimate ’60s style icon
Owner of Miss Williams Petites, Pauline, shares her thoughts on the importance of being unique
It is so unique when you see a petite woman who dresses so differently, and the way her looks makes you want to go straight up to her and ask her about her attire.
We rarely see that woman. Many of us get too caught up being ‘in fashion’, all we do is follow the masses and are slaves to the seasonal rules. To stand out as a petite woman you must not follow the herd, rules or season.
Whenever you get dressed you are asserting aspects of yourself, your identity. Style helps tell the world who you are. 
A true style icons buys only what looks good on her. Invests in the basics: a classic trench coat, the little black dress, simple and stylish flats, and take it from there. But also don’t be afraid to add some drama! Go a little over the top, and always take it home if you fall maddeningly in love with it. Petite women know the importance of good shoes, and lots of them! Accessorising done well is a powerful look.
Stay cool and don’t buy into trends – you don’t need to carry the ‘it’ bag. It’s not about the money. Your style should show what’s great about YOU – life is too short to not star in your own movie!
Stay tuned…
Miss Williams x