Shapes of Petite Women…


The Hour Glass is equally balanced on top and bottom; that is, bust measurement and hip measurement are about the same; with  a defined waistline. It’s considered to be the ideal figure type.

triangle figure

The triangle-shaped figure have proportionally smaller busts and/or narrower shoulders and larger hips and/or thighs when compared to women who have hourglass figures. Also known as a pear-shaped figure, the triangle-shaped figure is the most common figure type for women. When dressing for a triangle-shaped figure  select clothes that draws attention to the bust, creates a defined waistline, and minimises hips and thighs.


intreverted triangle

The inverted triangle-shaped figure has proportionally smaller hips and/or thighs and larger bust and/or wider shoulders when compared to a woman who has an hourglass figure. The inverted triangle is not a common figure type; however, with the popularity of bust enhancement by plastic surgery, it’s becoming more common. When dressing for an inverted triangle-shaped figure means selecting clothes that minimises the bust and creates a defined waistline. Otherwise, you runs the risk of looking too top-heavy.



The rectangle figure have relatively equal bust and hip measurements, just as a woman who has an hourglass shape does. However, a rectangle-shaped figure doesn’t have a defined waistline. There’s little difference in waist measurement when compared to bust and/or hip measurements, so the rectangle shape is more or less straight up and down. It’s sometimes called an apple when the waist measurement is larger than the bust and/or hip measurement. The challenge for women who have a rectangle shape is to create the illusion of a defined waistline, which will make them look more like they have an hourglass shape.