Progress = Happiness…


This week was challenging. I’ve set myself several tasks to complete and I’ve managed to tick everything off my list. I’ve realised with all that I was ‘thinking’ that I was doing I actually was not doing anything at all.

So, I started to write down my weekly tasks and set goals for the week that I wanted to accomplish. And you know it actually works. I couldn’t believe how much progress I’ve made c’est trés bien!

I wanted to share this with my fellow bloggers. Some of you maybe doing it already and some of you maybe feeling stuck. Just write things down it really, really does help, I promise. And another thing you have to start doing is scheduling in everything in your calendar or ical, I mean ‘everything’. Time with the kids, time cleaning the house, working out et al!.  Take a few hours at the beginning of the week and plan it. Don’t just bumble through it… PLAN YOUR WEEK!

Ok that’s it. That’s what I wanted to share and if you find that is working for you.

Progress = Happiness

Miss Williams