My Product Review

Clinique Dark Spot Corrector


Started using this product 4 weeks ago. J’aime beaucoup! It leaves the skin on my face feeling extremely soft and very smooth and I like a velvety, silky feel. It has an off white colour, and light, non-greasy texture. The dispenser is light in weight and does not take up a lot of space in my already cramped cabinet :-).

IMG_3378(12 Feb 2014)

IMG_3532(16 Mar 2014)

Four weeks of using it only at night time, I have definitely noticed my dark spots fading. Downside is that it finishes at precisely the four week mark! So I have to purchase more.

High Impact Mascara



Okay, I know in the past I’ve bragged about Benefit It’s real and Lancome mascara’s but this one is most definitely their rival… I mean it really coats your lashes. The brush applicator is the smallest I’ve seen and it really gets into the corners and coats every tiny, bitty lash that you can’t see…. J’aime beaucoup aussi!

Aromatics Elixir Perfume


Haven’t used this one much as I’ve been actually loving my calvin klein euphoria instead! Perhaps I will start using it as it’s spring time and it has such a flowery smell to it. It does slightly remind me of a grandmother’s smell though, perhaps hence the procrastination….

Note: these are my personal review.

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