Time Management…


This week was just crazy… yep I found myself flapping. I couldn’t find anything I would like to wear, and was a daily occurrence. My son was wandering WHAT was up with mum… I had very little patients and I seem to be constantly running out of time in the mornings. I woke up 5am and I still leave the house late. By Wednesday I was reduced to tears because I felt so out of control!

The reason for all this flapping: 2 Uni assignments due on the dame day, being a mum, working full-time and looking after my online store. This juggler felt like she was dropping balls everywhere. Then by Thursday, I’d had enough and I told myself ‘that is it! you have to learn how to manage your time better’. So, like we all do, I combed through the internet looking for ideas and tips to help me organise my life. Time management kept popping up and I decided to dig deeper. So I’m sharing these tips with you too. Take the quiz

I’ve started setting goals, and actually writing them down. Today felt like a much more organised accomplished day. Watch this space…

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  1. Professor VJ Duke says:

    Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee….well by the time the professor would be done with all this he’d just have to take a nap dadblameit! Did you know you have a very Punchyish nature?


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