Fashionable Reading…

On  Sunday one of my favourite authors died. It was so sad but I’m sure she lived a full life. At the age of 94 she must have experience so much!


Her book the Golden Notebook is such a masterpiece. I think women should read it. You can borrow it from the library free of charge.

Her death made me want to read again at night before bed, rather than facebooking et al. With all the serious reading and researching I do for my studies, picking up a novel at the end of the day seems like madness but it’s such an escape. You enter the world of someone else and you’re instantly relaxed… Helps fall asleep faster too 😉 !


Anyway currently finishing Into Temptation by Penni Vincenzi. It’s the third installation of a The Spoils of time trilogy ( No Angel, Something Dangerous & Into Temptation) you can buy it here.

Bonne weekend tout le monde!