Back to meat – Rialto Bolognese

This looks so Yum!

The Garum Factory

Rialto Bolognese-181-14664

The good news is you get a great pasta sauce this week.  The bad news is you get the pasta part of the post next week.  We thought asking you to make both the sauce and the fresh pasta would be asking too much, so this week we’re doing Rialto Bolognese, enough sauce for three meals.  Next week we’ll be posting Fresh Tagliatelle.  You can wait until then to bring them together, or simply use a pound of your favorite fresh wide noodle pasta and jump the gun.  In fact, the great thing about a sauce like this is having it on hand, ready to go, for a meal when all you have to do make the pasta.

Bolognese is not a simmer-all-afternoon recipe, but it does cook for about 90 minutes.  Tomato sauces from other parts of Italy, especially farther south, emphasize flavoring a tomato base with a small…

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