Passing The Test…

Passing The Test

Last week I had my driving test and wasn’t sure whether to feel excited or scared. I guess it’s a mixture of the two. What is it about tests that make you feel insecure about your abilities. I’ve spent approximately 35 hours  in the car. No extra or private lessons.

I remember when I was fourteen years old my father started teaching me to drive and at one point I lost control of the car and went into a ditch. I was so scared I never wanted to continue learning. Now here I am many years later experiencing the same nervous anxiety!

I dislike being tested and I dislike failing at things too. But… This was one of my goals I wanted to accomplish this year. Now, have I what it takes it past this test? Life is a massive test always…. This is just a drop in the pond, right?

So I was so nervous! You would be too if you had the examiner and the examiner’s examiner in the car with you. The car handled completely differently and the clutch behaved very badly… with all that, plus the 2 serious faults, meant I failed my first attempt in getting my drivers license.

Second attempt is due in November… can’t wait!!!


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  1. drowninmelancholy says:

    I hated driving lessons so much! I was so bad and that’s why I was surprised that I got it on my first try. But I don’t drive so often today. I just hate driving.


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