In a Petite State of Mind..


Today I woke up and  I just can’t stop thinking of all the things I would like to put out here in terms of being petite. My experiences in the world around me. For instance, when I wear my heels I am taller, I tend to be taken more seriously or given the respect I deserve. However, when I wear my French Sole I am seen as a cute and cuddly barely 5’1″, pint size lady.

Honestly, sometimes I like the ‘cute, cuddly’ attention and sometimes it sucks! 🙂 because you want people to take you seriously, especially when you’re in a position that requires you to delegate!

Yesterday, I saw so many well dressed / put together petite ladies. I wanted to chase after them for a photo for my blog. I’ve managed one, but building up the courage to approach strangers and ask to take their pictures. They may think I’m weird!

I love being petite, pint size, cute, cuddly absolutely.  But I can still be the BOSS! Actually I think it makes us even more bossy… hmmmm 🙂