Today I wanted to share some facts I’d found out about Petites. I’m delving deeper into my petite obsession and is determined to get measurements right for petite item of clothing on my website. I’ve purchased a small sewing machine and my friend who worked in fashion for Vivian Westwood will be showing me how to sew a pattern together. I’m super excited about this (big grin, rubbing hands together in excitement).

Some Petite Facts…

  • In 1951 the Average height of females in the UK was 5ft2″ (157cm) tall.
  • Average height in the UK today is 5ft4″
  • Roughly 40 % of American women are 5ft4″  160cm or under
  • Petite refers to height rather than weight
  • Average European height for females is 163.5 cm
  • The average height for a Victorian women was 5ft 1/2″ tall

Advantages of being petite

  • You look younger!
  • You won’t bang your head or duck when you walk through doorways :))
  • You can wear heels and not feel like a giant.