Judging Cultural Beliefs…

Today I received my Capricorn Daily Horoscope and I wanted to share it with everyone.

“A judgmental mood today could have you perceiving the cultural beliefs of others as inferior. This harsh opinion sends out negative energy that does not do service to you or the world. We all like to believe that we are right, but we can do so in a way that does not make others wrong. For example, our culture may have experts in technology, but theirs may have a greater understanding of nature. There is much we can learn from each other if we can remain open to different interpretations of life and spirituality. By putting ourselves in the place of others today, we open ourselves up to a greater understanding of the larger picture.”

Food for thought
If we consider the example of life in a small town, we understand that each person makes a different contribution to the survival of the town. The blacksmith is needed for his knowledge just as much as the farmer and the musician. Each may have a different view of the world based on their knowledge of their craft: The farmer could understand life as a field in which we reap what we sow; whereas the the blacksmith sees life as something raw that must be forged and worked to be shaped. The musician may see the importance of all the different notes to make a beautiful song of life. None of them are wrong; they merely have different points of view. Today we can strive to see the beliefs of others as different but equally important contributions to the balance of the universe.