Beauty is only Skin Deep…


On Thursday I ran out of my normal face cream  and decided stray and tried L’Oréal’s SkinPerfection.  I didn’t purchase it for any claims that they make. I just wanted a moisturiser and thought I’d try this. After following my normal wash and toning, I applied the serum to my face. After about 15 minutes my face started to tingle, sting and itchy.  When I woke up yesterday morning I was aghast to find my face has broken out in rash, under my eyes swollen.

This face serum is definitely not for me. First and last time I will use any skincare by L’Oréal. I have very sensitive skin but wanted to try something different. Better the devil you know! Albeit this product might be ok for others, and give better results for them. However my experience shows it is most definitely not for me 😦 Maybe you have to use it with all the other product in the range? No idea!

If you’ve used this product, what was your experience. Please post!